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Standing together with our Epsilon Family during the COVID-19 Pandemic
As the current COVID-19 situation develops globally, it’s important for us to provide an update on Epsilon’s continued business operations during this time and the steps taken to minimise the impact to our business, staff and customers. 

Our thoughts remain with those who have been affected by the virus, and with the frontline medical staff who place themselves at risk for our collective safety.

The health and well-being of our team, families and broader communities are of utmost importance to us at Epsilon. To address this, we have implemented company-wide protocols to ensure employee welfare, in addition to safeguarding our communities’ well-being. 

As we face this unprecedented situation, our commitment to you remains unwavering, Epsilon’s operation and services are functioning as normal and we are focused on ensuring we continue to provide the expected levels of performance and availability. 

Epsilon will continually review the guidance from the World Health Organisation and the governments of the countries in which we operate. Should extra measures be put in place, we will provide you with the necessary updates.

Precautionary Measures

What are the measures implemented?

Epsilon understands that business must continue and that our services are an important part of ensuring this happens. In order to support you during this uncertain period, we have implemented several new measures as part of our business continuity plans:  

  • Remote workforce
    We have implemented a split workforce policy for employees whose presence is needed in the office, and a work-from-home policy for those who can work remotely.

  • Travel
    Employees have also been advised to defer or cancel any non-essential business and non-business travel.

  • Stoppage of events
    Globally, we have cancelled all Epsilon-organised events and the company has withdrawn our participation from external events until further notice.
  • Interacting with our partners and customers
    We will engage with our customers and partners using video conferencing, voice calls and emails to ensure that we remain close to you and your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.  

How is Epsilon responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Epsilon will continually review the guidance from the World Health Organisation and the governments of the countries in which we operate. We’ll continue to implement strategies to protect the health and well-being of our team, families and broader communities and ensure service continuity for our customers and partners.
Service Level

If people are working from home, will there be 24/7 support and monitoring of services?

Yes, our network and services are proactive monitored 24/7, 365 from our Service Management Centre in Singapore & Centre of Excellence centre in Sofia. If you need to contact us, you may call us or via our Infiny portal.

What's Epsilon's risk assessment on service degration?

Currently, whilst a large part of Epsilon is working from home, we are maintaining all services at normal SLA levels. We are monitoring the situation very closely including our suppliers and partners accordingly.

I have a service being delivered; will the implementation be delayed?

Currently, the normal service delivery lead times are being maintained. We are engaging regularly with all our suppliers and service providers to ensure you are updated if things change in any way.

Will there be any delays in Epsilon's support and what is the escalation process?

Our service support team remains available 24/7 and will assist you to resolve any problems.                    

For Fault Reporting:

For General Requests:

Contact Number:
+65 6813 4055 (Singapore)
+44 203 370 3555 (UK)
+1 631 623 8020 (USA)

General Email:

What is the impact for your critical infrastructure services?

Colocation Services
A split workforce has been implemented for all our field engineers. When onsite, they’ll walk through the M&E infrastructure and ensure that the site is alarm-free. Should a problem be identified, they’ll engage with the appropriate support vendor. Our SMC staff & engineers will also monitor the sites in parallel wherever possible.

Remote Hands Services
Our Remote Hands services will remain in place for Critical – Epsilon & Customer Works only. All tasks will be managed and allocated by the regional managers. Our engineers will be dispatched on a rotational basis to complete the tasks assigned. During this period, kindly note that the SLA will be increased from 2hrs to 4hrs for both working hours and out of office hours (Callout Engineer) to allow enough travelling time to the site when requested.
Network Operations

Is Epsilon’s network prepared to handle the increase in traffic?

Yes, currently we have sufficient capacity to accommodate both ongoing demand and forecasted growth; capacity management is maintained operationally day to day and aligned to our customer service requirements.

I am going to need extra capacity on my network, who can help make this happen?

For sales or service upgrades, you can use our Infiny portal or contact your account manager.                

Will there be any disruptions to Epsilon's network services?

Please be assured that our network services will be running as usual with no disruptions. For the majority of services, you can manage your network, report issues and order services through our Infiny portal.

Will there be teams in the data centres should I need access?

Yes, it’s business as usual for data centre access, please follow the normal access request procedure. In order to safeguard your safety and our data centre staff, all visitors are requested to complete a declaration form before entering the premise.
Suppliers and Partners

How is Epsilon working with vendors and suppliers to ensure continued operations?

We have engaged our key suppliers and support partners to understand their plans and ensure all risks are being managed to ensure we can maintain service levels.

What's Epsilon's business contingency plan?

Epsilon has taken a number of measures to ensure our customer service levels are maintained, including engaging with our suppliers and support partners to understand their plans.  

Are you confident in your ability to continue serving customers?

Yes indeed, the measures and working practice changes we have adopted will enable us to maintain services at expected levels.

How can I get updates on COVID-19 from Epsilon?

Our website is updated regularly and the latest information can be found on this page.                             

Have any Epsilon staff been diagnosed with COVID-19?

No staff has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We have already taken precautionary measures such as work-from-home and split workforce to reduce the risk of exposure.

There are open roles on the website, are you still recruiting?

Yes, all roles are active and available opportunities to join the Epsilon family.                                                       

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