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Networking Playbook 2022

Our take on what’s happening in the networking market in 2022

The past two years have seen the enterprise IT market pivot. In the face of business disruption, digital transformation became a necessity, and cloud solutions surged as the world connected in new ways. While the transformation seen in 2020 was in the face of a global lockdown, 2021 saw more developed strategies as businesses continued to evolve their operations and technologies.

It is no longer just about digital transformation, but about building a foundation for continual transformation and adapting to the new way of work. The pace of change in today’s market has made it crucial to continually evolve and optimise the technologies that keep businesses competitive.

In this e-Book, learn about:

  • Looking Back and Beyond – What to Expect?
  • Cloud & Networking Challenges Today
  • The Technologies & Trends in Today’s Market
  • Solutions to Consider in 2022

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