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Agile Networking that Optimises Your End User Experience

OTTs that choose Epsilon gain a partner that can deliver an elastic networking environment that is ready to scale to meet new demand and adapt in a changing market 

A networking model that supports cloud-first, high growth and application-centric businesses with on-demand connectivity.

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Networking should not limit where and how you grow. As one market could grow overnight, Epsilon allows you to scale geographically across the world with over 220 data centres enabled across our fabric. 


We deliver an on-demand elastic networking model that’s ready to scale and adapt to changing needs, mirroring the flexibility of the services you offer.

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We have been in the business of building networks for leading service providers for over 15 years. We understand your customer demands for an optimised experience. With Epsilon as a trusted partner, you can scale without any impact on Quality of Experience (QoE).
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Delivering an Optimised End-user Experience for a Korean messaging unicorn

Epsilon and an Over-The-Top (OTT) Unicorn, who delivers one of APAC’s leading mobile messaging applications, collaborated to connect and optimise their messaging platform and deliver the best possible experience for end users. The Korean company’s free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones has been installed by 95% of smartphone owners in its home market, so it is critical that its users get the best service possible with no delays or complications.

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