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Offering SaaS and PaaS Providers a Reliable, Flexible and Agile Foundation for Innovation

Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service Providers that choose Epsilon gains a partner who understands how to support the success of cloud-based applications and services. 

A cloud-centric networking model built to serve cloud-based applications and services

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We offer a networking model designed to support the cloud and its services, offering our customer the flexibility to change and adapt networking requirements based on your demand.

Our network APIs can be directly integrated into existing platforms, enabling you to seamlessly offer connectivity as a utility in delivering differentiated solutions. 
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Guaranteed Experience

We have been in the business of building networks for the leading service providers for over 15 years. We understand your customer demand an optimised experience. With Epsilon as a trusted partner, you can scale without any impact on the Quality of Experience (QoE).
Delivering a Seamless Global Experience for Silicon Valley CPaaS giant

A world-leading American Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company partnered with Epsilon to deploy voice services that directly aligned with their Cloud-based communications platform. The CPaaS company needed an agile and scalable Voice solution that matched the speed of their services and at the same, is able to integrate seamlessly with their communications platform.

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Learn more about creating an API-First Strategy and powering platforms with federated APIs in the next network transformation.

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Learn how automation has transformed service providers' business models in empowering their customers today!

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Learn how Epsilon is solving scalability challenges in the platform economy with our software-defined networking platform, Infiny.

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