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A Network Optimisation Strategy for High-bandwidth Global Networks
Peering for Better Network Performance

Peering has been used in network strategies for over 20 years by network engineers, for two main reasons: to optimise traffic routing and cut costs by relying less on IP transit. Remote peering became an extension of this to simplify access to one or multiple Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and reduce costs even further by reducing hardware and infrastructure requirements. These days, with the exponential growth of the internet, peering remains a crucial networking approach for the efficient management of traffic to reduce latency and improve resilience in a network – meaning higher performance with content delivery and applications.

Remote Peering makes connecting to Internet Exchange easy and simple to manage. With on-demand connectivity, you can peer from anywhere in the world. It removes the limits on how you connect to Internet Exchanges whilst having instant access to new and scalable networking.

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Peter Young

Global Product Manager, Epsilon

Simplify your Peering Strategy

Peering at Internet Exchanges can be expensive and time consuming if you need to be physically present at all the major IXPs where your potential peering partners are members. 

Remote Peering removes all of these headaches by bringing the IXPs to you at a convenient location  – either a data centre or office branch –  with one contact for SLAs, legal, billing, and technical support.

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Directly Exchange Traffic and Reduce your Reliance on IP Transit

If you’re already buying IP transit from an upstream network to access the “full routing table” of the internet, but find that you are sending and receiving a lot of routes with specific organisations, then it would be worth finding out if those organisations are open to peering and exchanging traffic directly.  

If your traffic is balanced with a potential peer, then you’ll be in a good position to offload some traffic being routed via IP transit, and instead directly exchange that traffic with your new peering partners. This allows you to spend less on IP transit and improve the routing of your traffic significantly with dedicated Layer 2 connectivity between you and your peering partner.

Last-Mile Connectivity

If you’re not present in one of our 250+ data centres across our global network, we’ll provide you with a last-mile circuit and port at a location convenient to you as part of our Data Centre Interconnect, end-to-end service.  

This is crucial to businesses that don’t want to worry about network cables and data centres, but still want the reach that Data Centre Interconnect can provide into the global digital services ecosystem to support their hybrid IT models.

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Optimising User Experience Globally with On-demand Remote Peering

Service providers today serve a variety of end users who demand a consistent, high-quality user experience anywhere around the world. In the age of customer experience, peering at Internet Exchanges allows service providers to create new efficiencies while enabling them to deliver an optimised end user experience. See how Epsilon supported the growth of internet traffic between Bangladesh and Europe.



Epsilon Partners with NAPAfrica

Epsilon has partnered with NAPAfrica to deliver on-demand connectivity to peering points across South Africa. Users of the Infiny by Epsilon Software-defined Networking platform can peer with over 430 unique networks (ASNs) across 20 countries in the southern African region.

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Epsilon Expands Its partnership with AMS-IX

Epsilon has expanded its partnership with AMS-IX to AMS-IX Hong Kong. Epsilon’s partners can remotely peer at AMS-IX’s exchange in Hong Kong on-demand via its Infiny by Epsilon Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform.

Bringing Global Content Closer to African Users with Remote Peering

Currently, 42% of countries in Africa lack IXPs which can hinder the ability to peer with leading content providers and Service Providers that are generally present on well-established Exchanges in Europe, US or Asia-Pacific.

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