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Voice-over-IP telephones (VoIP) are quickly becoming the most common way for organisations to manage voice communications. A driving factor behind the mass adoption of SIP trunking services by businesses of all sizes are the benefits SIP trunking provides versus a traditional PSTN phone line.

As companies re-evaluate how communications can support their business now and going forward, they will rely on the secure, proven capabilities of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking to accelerate digital transformation and substantially lower voice communication costs.

As SIP Trunking adoption grows globally, we are finding new ways to support service providers and enable them to capture new business and grow. We help them to move faster to serve enterprise demand while simplifying how they operate.

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Chin Woon Lee

Product Director

Cost savings

SIP trunking does not require additional hardware investment. With many alternative methods of telephony, such as PRIs, your organisation may need to invest in costly additions to hardware as you scale phone lines.

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Local and Toll-free

You can get both local and toll-free numbers, both pointing to the same SIP trunk, when you use a SIP trunking service. You can even have local numbers where you or your customers do business, without having a physical office in that local area.

Unified communications

SIP can act as a gateway to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). When you choose Epsilon as a SIP provider, we offer a full-suite of connectivity solutions so you can unlock the benefits of cloud-based tools for business productivity.

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Global potential and mobility

SIP trunking supports you or your customers need for fast growth across multiple geographic locations. By combining your voice and data into a single network, geographic locations and remote workers can be consolidated with extreme flexibility.

Accelerating Global Growth with SIP Trunk Federation

Global IP communications provider, Brightlink, has joined the SIP Trunk Federation to accelerate its growth in SIP and efficiently expand its reach. Through the partnership, Brightlink is able to offer enterprise customers local, regional and global SIP Trunking via a single relationship and win new and larger contracts.


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Learn how unifying Local SIP Trunking services can help accelerate global growth.

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Epsilon's SIP Trunking hits 24/24 milestone - 24 hour provisioning in 24 countries

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Learn how our SIP services gives you the efficiency, scalability and the connectivity needed to expand into new markets.

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