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Transform Your Voice Infrastructure
Reliable, Cloud-based Voice Communications

Businesses need reliable voice solutions, with the latest technology and tools that ensure simple, uninterrupted communications between teams and customers, no matter where they reside.   

However, this is increasingly challenging in today’s globalised, digital world. Managing international phone numbers, call routing, costs, and high-quality customer service is particularly important for modern businesses. Yet, more often than not, they are held back by inadequate solutions that lack integration with their network services and are fragmented across multiple providers who are tied down by expensive, fixed-term contracts.  

We bring simplicity and efficiency to Inbound Voice. We’ve removed manual procedures and fully automated the process of procuring numbers to give our partners an exceptional customer experience. The Infiny by Epsilon platform makes procuring numbers as simple and easy as shopping online.

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Chin Woon Lee

Product Director

Retiring legacy voice infrastructure

SIP trunking is a PBX and PSTN replacement that has emerged as a popular method of facilitating voice communications over the internet. Using the SIP protocol, you can connect legacy PBXs and other voice hardware to Epsilon’s Cloud SBC platform. This makes cloud migrations and the management of multi-site telephony, much easier.   

If you’re looking at saving costs by consolidating the number of sites you operate, or reducing the reliance on multiple voice platforms, then adopting SIP will have a transformational effect on your organisation. You will be able to rationalise and centralise PBX servers and make instant changes to your virtual infrastructure – unlike with traditional solutions.   

Epsilon’s SIP trunking is supported by its global Layer 2 MPLS network, with over 220+ points of presence worldwide, and 5,000 area codes in 100+ countries. This means we can access more markets, with greater capacity and stronger SLAs than other providers.  

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Inbound numbers with no boundaries

If you offer global services and need local access numbers in the countries you service, then you can order geographic, toll-free, mobile and other types of numbers automatically, using our self-service procurement model.  

With switching infrastructure installed globally, we’re able to keep voice traffic in-region – improving routing and call quality for your end customers, no matter where it’s delivered. 

API Interworking

Premium Voice offers API interworking for seamless integration into third party platforms and software. This means you can integrate into your own CRM, call management and customer support systems and port all your numbers through one interface and one point of contact.    

We liaise with all operators, manage the paperwork, and provide technical support 24/7. 

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Guaranteed Quality

Premium Voice’s suite of services guarantee quality of service and experience on a per-call basis. As a cloud-based solution, it utilises Epsilon’s global Layer 2 MPLS coverage and partner network, as well as software-defined networking, to offer features such as: intelligent routing; in-country termination; low jitter and latency; and end-to-end real-time analytics that allow for performance monitoring and integrated billing. 

Delivering a Seamless Global Experience for Silicon Valley CPaaS giant

A world-leading American Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company partnered with Epsilon to deploy voice services that directly aligned with their Cloud-based communications platform. The CPaaS company needed an agile and scalable Voice solution that matched the speed of their services and at the same, is able to integrate seamlessly with their communications platform.





Epsilon's SIP Trunking Hits 24/24 Milestone

In 24 countries stretching 4 continents, Epsilon can turn up SIP services in 24 hours and enable our partners to connect to global destinations via our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform. This enables partners across Europe to self-provision SIP Trunking services anytime, anywhere.

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Capturing New Revenue & Going Global with SIP Trunking

Imagine Communications Group joined the SIP Trunk Federation to rapidly deploy Unified Communications services for its customers across Western Europe.

Brightlink IP Joins Epsilon

The Federation provides service providers of all sizes with the ability to interconnect and work together to grow their SIP businesses.

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If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio of network services with flexible, on-demand solutions, or divest in your own infrastructure and streamline your operations, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our award-winning software-defined networking (SDN) platform and portfolio of services, is available as a white label solution to system integrators and partners consulting on IT, network, cloud, digital transformation, communications, cybersecurity and more.