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Epsilon Management Restructure Announcement


Dear Customers and Business Partners,

On behalf of the board of Directors of Epsilon Global Communications Pte Ltd (“Epsilon”), I would like to announce that Mr. Andreas Hipp has, for personal reasons, tendered his resignation as Group Chief Executive Officer of the Epsilon Group.


In this connection, we have appointed Mr. Jerzy (George) Szlosarek as Chief Executive Officer of Epsilon Telecommunications (SP) Pte Ltd (“Epsilon Telecom”) and Mr. Madhigubba Gopal (Jay) Jayasimha as Chief Executive Officer of Cataleya Private Limited (“Cataleya”). Both George and Jay will assume the duties of Mr. Andreas Hipp in Epsilon and Cataleya respectively with immediate effect. In addition, we are pleased to announce the appointments of Mr. Jayasimha and Mr. Tan Eng Kwee (Chief Financial Officer, Epsilon) to the Board of Epsilon.


The Board would like to thank Andreas for his dedication, commitment and leadership of the Epsilon Group during his tenure.


The Epsilon Group, with its principal subsidiaries Epsilon Telecom and Cataleya, remains committed to the continued development and investment of innovative products and services for the communications market and will continue to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers.


We are confident that Epsilon will continue to have strong leadership and both Epsilon Telecom and Cataleya will continue to be brand leaders and continue to be an increasingly strong force in the global telecommunications and technology industry. The Epsilon Group stands by our commitment to provide outstanding services to our clients and business partners, and to create innovative ideas, as well as pioneering solutions and services for our customers worldwide.


We tremendously appreciate the support of all of our customers and business partners over many years. We believe the Epsilon Group will continue to grow from strength to strength as we build on the strong foundations together with our customers and partners worldwide.


Yours sincerely,

Steve Burton


Epsilon Global Communications Private Limited