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Scalable, Private and Secure Layer 3 Connectivity to the Clouds

Benefit from the Speed and Agility of the Cloud in Networking and Move Faster for Digital Transformation
Virtual Routing For Cloud Deployment
Epsilon’s Cloud Routing provides any-to-any connection among single, multiple clouds, data centres and branches over Epsilon’s secure private network. It provides you with a robust routed network without having to deploy and manage routing policies across your cloud and WAN.



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Secure Layer 3 Connectivity
Cloud connectivity up to the L3 gateway in the cloud via Epsilon’s private network, completely bypassing the public internet.
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Diverse Cloud Options
Access to major cloud providers including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure and Oracle with 40+ cloud on-ramp location.
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Fully Managed Connectivity
Fully managed L3 connectivity with highly scalable bandwidth and global coverage. No need to manage your own physical router.
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Seamless Cloud Service Management
Run your extensive production workloads on different clouds and proactive monitoring the management of cloud to cloud and cloud to on-prem requirements.
Creating an Enterprise-Ready Multi-Cloud Strategy
With enterprises increasingly use any and every cloud provider to achieve the full flexibility and benefits of the cloud, they need to understand how to connect their clouds and unleash their full potential. In order for them to do so, they need to look at the simplest model for connecting multiple clouds, distributing resources, mitigating downtime and minimising data loss risk.
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How It Works

Our cloud connectivity offering delivers an end-to-end solution for fast and secure access to the cloud of your choice. We give you the ability to deploy direct connections to a selection of cloud service providers via our global private network, enabling dedicated connectivity to Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Grow your hybrid cloud strategy with our fully managed Layer 3 connectivity solution and accelerate your cloud transformation with an enterprise-class orchestrator to manage your cloud environments.
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Other Cloud Connectivity Solutions

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Cloud Connect

Expand your direct connection to the major cloud service providers using our Network as a Service platform, Infiny. Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution provides on-demand access to the cloud deployed on a global private network – bypassing the public internet for better performance and security. Connect to the CSP of your choice across over 40+ on-ramp data centres on the Epsilon Global Fabric.
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Cloud Networking

Take your multi-cloud strategy to the next level with improved operational visibility and control. Epsilon’s Cloud Networking solution allows you to directly control native cloud networking constructs to maintain cloud simplicity and automation. It goes beyond the cloud gateway, all the way to VPC/VNET level, allowing you to manage your VPC/VNETs within and across clouds.
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Cloud Experts
We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about global network connectivity.
We understand the unique challenges that the rapid expansion of Cloud, next-generation technologies, big data and digital services present to you and your business, and we’re here to help.


Cloud Connectivity that Supports Your
Hybrid Environment

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses operate. However, the use of multiple cloud services brings new complexities to the network. To fully maximise their cloud potential, enterprises have to ensure their cloud and IT environments are connected securely with guaranteed performance and reliability.

The trend on hybrid IT is growing rapidly as data and applications live across the cloud, data centres and enterprise locations. Cloud Routing ensures enterprises can fully maximise their cloud investments with robust any-to-any connections no matter their network environment.

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Dong Liang

Senior Product Manager, Epsilon

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Simplify Digital Transformation of your Cloud Infrastructure

Bypassing the internet to connect between the cloud and your own infrastructure is often time consuming, costly and difficult to manage – typically involving multiple partners and varying SLAs in a complex and disparate manner.

Epsilon’s Cloud Routing is a managed solution that handles all the connectivity requirements via a L3 private network. It removes all of these headaches by giving you the software and network to scale your cloud connectivity.

Grow your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Enterprises are investing more in the cloud today. Cloud Routing ensures they can make the best out of their cloud investments with robust any-to-any connectivity. Our solution delivers lower latency and improved performance for your critical multi-cloud workloads.

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Better Security, Better Performance

Public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing services have become widely accessible to businesses via public internet connections.

But the payoffs of cloud adoption in business, are often let down by the vulnerabilities and performance issues that exist with connecting over the public internet, and the underlying physical networks that support the use of applications and cloud resources in modern businesses. Traditional networking models are simply not designed to support and fuel the growth of cloud.

Lower your Bandwidth Costs

For bandwidth-heavy workloads, Cloud Routing reduces your network costs in and out of the clouds. By transferring data to and from the clouds directly, you can reduce your bandwidth commitment to your Internet service provider. All data transferred over your Cloud Routing connection is charged at a reduced data transfer rate rather than Internet data transfer rate.

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Learn more about Cloud Connectivity


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Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud. What is the difference between these two cloud architecture and when should you adopt either or both?

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The strategy behind selecting a cloud interconnect partner is beyond just performance. What are the key areas businesses should consider?

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Connectivity between clouds can be a serious performance bottleneck for multi-cloud network architecture. Learn the considerations to take note.

Why Choose Epsilon


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Cloud-Ready Network Architecture
Our network experts will design a solution that meet yours cloud requirements with direct and private connectivity service – ready for connecting up hybrid IT environments, multiple office locations, and critical business apps, for maximum performance and security.
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An End-to-End Cloud Journey
We support your cloud journey from cloud connect to cloud networking, connecting your cloud environments and physical locations with ease. We ensure that you have the appropriate ethernet services and last-mile connectivity options as a complete solution, for maximum convenience.
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Fully Managed, No Hardware
There’s no need to manage or maintain any hardware with Cloud Routing. It is a fully managed solution deployed on our Layer 3 private network which means you don’t need to rely on any physical infrastructure on your premises or data centre. This means more time and resources towards your business priorities. 
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