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Managed CPE

Elevate Your Global Connectivity with Managed CPE

Enhance your network efficiency and application performance with a highly resilient end-to-end Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solution for simplified global connectivity.

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An Optimised Network with Greater Visibility

Epsilon’s Managed CPE offers a fully-managed end-to-end solution encompassing design, procurement, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. Our holistic approach simplifies your network architecture, making it more manageable.

Experience enhanced visibility into your connectivity, streamlined routing, and effortless access to cloud services and IP Transit, while having the assurance that we have got you covered.

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Simplified Network Routing
Eliminate the complexities of connecting to virtual private clouds, BGP peering, or routing to an IP Transit provider. With our fully managed service, we handle the intricate routing tasks on your behalf
Security Assurance
Attain peace of mind with secure and private connectivity, ensuring high-quality service for business-critical applications while safeguarding your data
Tailored Solutions
Customise your solutions with our expertise to meet routing and reporting requirements, aligning them with your business priorities for efficient resource utilisation
Optimised Application Performance
Enhance performance by effortlessly segmenting and prioritising your network traffic streams based on Quality of Service (QoS) standards. Experience superior application performance and clearer voice and video communications
Enhanced Flexibility
Enjoy greater flexibility with a collaborative network design and a subscription-based pricing model tailored to meet your specific needs for greater value and cost efficiency
High Resilient Service
Rely on our fully managed service and 24×7 expert customer support for unwavering quality and reliability

Empower Your Network with Managed CPE

Enable your business with Epsilon’s end-to-end Managed CPE services, providing secure and reliable connectivity for your mission-critical applications. Our Managed CPE adds value to Ethernet and Internet Services by enabling Layer 3 routing between your sites and the public Internet. This ensures efficient interworking between sites without requiring networking skills at every location. As your dedicated one-stop managed service provider, we offer 24×7 support for seamless global connectivity.

Epsilon’s Managed CPE Service for Ethernet

Epsilon’s Managed CPE service seamlessly integrates with Ethernet Private Line, ensuring proactive management of your connectivity. It facilitates BGP routing from the customer network to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), adding resilience to Ethernet services. Managed CPE can be added at either the customer’s site or the data centre. Here are some use cases of Managed CPE for Ethernet services:

Last Mile Ethernet and Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)

  • Enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Facilitates routing between different subnets on various sites
  • Optional encryption between two sites for heightened security
  • Resilience options with Dual CPE and Dual Circuits


  • Improved monitoring and reporting functionality
  • Reduced complexity by utilising Managed CPE for simplified BGP peering with cloud providers
  • Active:Standby resilience with optional Dual CPE and Dual Circuits

Cloud Connect

  • Simplified establishment of the BGP peer between you network and the Cloud Service Provider, eliminating complexity on your end

Epsilon’s Managed CPE Service for Internet

Epsilon’s Managed CPE service seamlessly integrates with internet access at a customer’s site or facilitates customer routing to an Internet Transit Provider, ensuring robust Internet access. Benefit from proactive management of your Internet services, coupled with the assurance of dedicated bandwidth with enhanced resilience. Here are some use cases of Managed CPE for Internet services:

Dedicated Internet Access

  • Enhanced monitoring and reporting features
  • Optional Dual CPE and diverse Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with a 99.95% resilience SLA

IP Transit

  • Improved monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Simplifies BGP routing to Transit Provider for customers
  • Optional Dual CPE and diverse Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with a 99.95% resilience SLA

Remote Peering

  • Enhanced monitoring and reporting functions
  • Simplifies routing setup to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
  • Optional Dual CPE and diverse Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with a 99.95% resilience SLA


Ready to simplify your global connectivity?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Managed CPE?

Epsilon’s Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is a value-added service that enhances Epsilon’s data and network solutions, including SD WAN, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), IP Transit IP VPN, Cloud Connect and Ethernet services like Last Mile Ethernet. This managed CPE device can be deployed either at customers’ premises or in an Epsilon connected data center. Its purpose is to provide a demarcation point for operations, routing, and reporting.

2. How does Managed CPE work?

Epsilon’s Managed CPE offers a comprehensive service that covers everything from design and procurement to deployment and ongoing maintenance of a fully managed network solution. It also offers additional benefits such as routing, robust monitoring, detailed reporting, and service management for both equipment and connectivity services. These services are available whether the equipment is located at customer premises or their data center sites.

3. Is Quality of Service (QoS) available for Internet-based Access?

Quality of Service (QoS) is not guaranteed when using the Internet as an access method. However, implementing QoS at the CPE can enhance the performance of upstream traffic from the customer LAN to the Internet. It’s important to note that since the Internet operates on a “best effort” basis, achieving end-to-end QoS over the Internet is not possible.

4. What is the minimum term commitment and pricing structure for the Managed CPE service?

The minimum term commitment for our Managed CPE service is 12 months. Additionally, our pricing is structured on a subscription-based model, offering flexibility and scalability to meet your specific needs.

5. Can the selection of CPE equipment be tailored to the needs of my business?

Yes, the model of the CPE equipment is dependent on your specific use case and bandwidth requirements. We source CPE equipment from established vendors, including but not limited to Cisco and Juniper, and work closely with you to ensure that the provided equipment aligns perfectly with your business needs.

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