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Rapidly Connect Unique Markets and Add New Capabilities

Network service providers that choose Epsilon gain a partner that can solve complex networking challenges across the globe with an unparalleled dedication to customer service excellence.

Access and offer extended services without the cost of large-scale infrastructure investment


Our global interconnect fabric is deployed across over 250+ data centre locations and offers an interconnect ecosystem of more than 600 service providers, cloud service providers and internet exchanges globally.

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Network service providers can accelerate their network transformation and monetise the cloud, content and next-generation communications in new ways by leveraging on our white-labelable software defined networking capabilities.

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We work in partnership with the leading network service providers to support their ability to capture revenue while mitigating the time or resources needed to negotiate multiple interconnects around the world.

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Enabling Global Connectivity for fast-growing telecommunications provider in Turkey

With our award-winning SDN platform, Infiny, ORIS Telekom can now bring on-demand connectivity to its customers across Turkey. By white-labelling Infiny, ORIS Telekom gains access to Epsilon’s connectivity services, which immediately expands its service portfolio.

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