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Epsilon Global Hubs: London
Telephone House, 69-77 Paul Street
Your One-Stop-Shop for Colocation and Interconnectivity Services

Epsilon colocation services help you to safeguard your mission-critical data with leading security and operational reliability. We are serving a variety of national and global companies, from service providers to media companies, by supporting their digitalisation and the increasing need for connectivity.

Epsilon Global Hub London is a critical interconnection facility for expanding your network footprint across Europe as well as connecting major cities in the US. Our global network fabric enables instant access to new and existing networks, clouds, internet exchanges and business partners around the world with on-demand network orchestration capabilities.

  • Data Centre Area: 11,000 sq ft.

  • Colocation options: Private suite / Private cage / Standard racks

  • Rack options - Quarter, half & full racks available

  • Power allocation per rack: 5kW

  • Power connection: Dual Diverse AC power distribution

  • UPS Redundancy: N+1

  • Temperature: 23 Degree Celsius

  • Humidity: 45% +/- 10%

  • Managed Meet-me-room for carrier interconnectionem9

  • 24x7x365 surveillance CCTV & security team

Europe's Digital and Big Data Hub

London is one of the most important financial and tech hubs in the world with significant investments in FinTech, media, e-commerce, gaming and cloud. With a booming cluster of start-ups and high-tech companies, the East London Tech City is an innovation hotbed for global businesses. Epsilon Global Hub London is located at Telephone House in the East London Tech City, positioned as a highly connected infrastructure for accelerating digital transformation and global connectivity.

Why Choose Epsilon

Expand your presence into other markets

Epsilon makes it to expand your datacentre footprint with access to a global network fabric of 260+ locations including extensive reach in Southeast Asia and mainland China.

Direct Access to global cloud infrastructure

Provision dedicated connectivity to leading Cloud Service Providers from our facility for latency-sensitive requirements requiring high throughput and security.

Safeguarding your data & applications

Our TIA 942 & ISO 27001 colocation facility provides a highly secure and resilient colocation environment for your data and applications with disaster management solutions.

Flexible Commercial Options

Grow your business with flexible options from ½ rack to a standard rack or customisable private suite, supported by SLA-back security, support services and a team of expert engineers 24/7.

London Colocation Solutions

Power Your Business in an Interconnected Era
Our highly connected environment at Epsilon Global Hub London enables you to rapidly interconnect data centres, public clouds and internet exchanges. Extend your connectivity across Europe and around the world via our global network fabric. By using our platform, Infiny by Epsilon, you can connect on-demand to cloud services, which include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud, as well as major internet exchanges such as AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, LONAP, France-IX and NL-ix.
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