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Your Global Interconnectivity Provider

Interconnecting Your World

Stay interconnected with Epsilon's extensive global network and partner ecosystem, orchestrated by Infiny, our award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, for greater control and visibility

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Get connected to and between Internet Exchanges (IXs), clouds, offices, and data centres with our comprehensive suite of connectivity services.

Data Services

Count on us to deliver an array of MEF-certified connectivity solutions deployed across our global private network. Speed up your setup, simplify deployment, and get full visibility with Infiny.

Colocation Services

More than just racks and spaces for your business. Epsilon's ultra-flexible colocation facilities are highly secure and interconnected, making them the perfect companion for deploying, hosting, and connecting new networks, services, and applications.

Voice and SMS Services

Experience unsurpassed quality through a single connection, with limitless reach. Get on-demand access to millions of global inbound numbers through a single, unified platform.
On-demand connectivity with Infiny


Agile, Scalable and On-demand

We provide you with an easier alternative to buying, managing and optimising network services by combining Infiny, our award-winning Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, with our high-performance and far-reaching global network, and extensive partner ecosystem.

With Infiny, you can now setup and manage connections with less hassle and greater flexibility than ever before – which means assured quality of service and the ability to scale and provision connectivity services in minutes.

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Network Visibility and Control

Establish greater network control with Epsilon. We enable network operators, managed service providers and enterprise customers to capitalise on the autonomy and visibility provided by our platform to monitor your / your users’ networks in real-time, rectify network issues quickly, and optimise user experiences.


A Continuously Expanding Global Footprint

Epsilon’s services are powered by a carrier-grade, hyper-scalable global backbone. Our ever-growing ecosystem of networks, Internet Exchanges, cloud services, partners, and locations ensures that you get coverage to even remote, hard-to-reach locations.

Epsilon Telecommunications Global Footprint

Points of Presence (PoPs)

Connect seamlessly to new markets via hundreds of PoPs located around the world

Epsilon's points of presence
Explore PoP locations

Cloud On-ramps

Optimise your business by connecting privately and securely to leading and niche cloud providers on-demand

Epsilon's Cloud on-ramps
Explore Cloud locations

IX On-ramps

Rapidly interconnect at leading IXs globally with our robust and extensive peering network

Epsilon's IX On-Ramps
Explore IX locations


Trusted by Customers and Partners

We’ve been building global connectivity since 2003, so we know a thing or two about optimising network performance and solving networking challenges. Together with our continuous commitment to operational excellence and the flexibility to do business, we have earned the trust of hundreds of customers worldwide; achieving a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50 which is significantly above the industry standards.

50 net promoter score

Driving Simplicity
and Agility

Epsilon is a long-term partner that offers the scalability and reach to global destinations and into the cloud. Their simple and powerful model has enabled us to capture new opportunities and support our growth in North America and other markets.

Global Reach

Epsilon has enhanced our backbone network and enabled us to expand our reach to serve more of our enterprise customers’ needs. We are now able to optimise our services with high-quality, low-latency network connectivity across multiple continents.
riedel networks data centre interconnect with epsilon

Dynamic Scalability

Epsilon’s colocation facility is hugely advantageous as it allows us to scale our services and interconnect to many various digital infrastructures such as the cloud. With services beyond colocation, we can also focus on growing our services to match user demand.

Optimising Connectivity

Epsilon has played a key role in enabling us to take the next step forward. With SD-WAN, we can seamlessly expand high-performance connectivity between manufacturing plants and our offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines, and better serve our customers.
Belton moving from mpls to sd wan with epsilon

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Technology Insights, Updates and More

Blog Post

In the 2024 CEO statement, Epsilon’s newly appointed CEO, Damon Lee, reflects on the remarkable milestones Epsilon achieved in 2023 and presents his strategic outlook for the company’s future.

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Explore the differences between IP Transit, Direct Peering, and Remote Peering, and learn about the benefits of Epsilon’s Remote Peering, as well as strategies for maximising cost and operational efficiencies in your networking strategy.

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Press Release

Epsilon is teaming up with Neterra to broaden our network reach in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Understand how our partnership helps businesses gain agile and on-demand global connectivity without requiring additional infrastructure investment. CTA to Neterra PR.

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