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Experience the Future of Networking with Infiny, NaaS Platform

Achieve high-performance global interconnectivity through our award-winning Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform to seamlessly extend your global network and voice coverage on-demand. 

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Revolutionising Networking

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of Infiny as it introduces transparency and agility to your network and its interconnected ecosystem.


Empower your network with advanced orchestration tools that facilitate seamless connection management, providing a new level of operational simplicity 

On-demand Network Prowess

Experience greater agility through on-demand network provisioning and scaling in a matter of seconds, creating a dynamic and responsive networking environment

Real-time Network and Service Analytics

Gain actionable insights in real-time with advanced analytics, ensuring swift troubleshooting and management to stay ahead of potential challenges

Seamless Web-based Portal and API Integration

Effortlessly forge cohesive connections and enhance user experiences by seamlessly integrating Infiny into existing platforms through web-based portals and APIs


Elevate Your Connectivity Experience

Epsilon’s Infiny platform transforms the way you manage and scale your connectivity. Gain access to agile procurement and provisioning tools to guarantee optimal quality and responsiveness for your evolving business needs. 

Experience seamless connectivity with Infiny’s user-friendly interface, empowering you to navigate and interconnect the digital landscape with ease and confidence. 

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Expanding Global Ecosystem
Connect directly to a vast network of Cloud Service Providers, Data Centres, and Internet Exchanges, fostering direct connections that transcend geographical boundaries
Real-time Visibility and Control
Take charge of your services with real-time monitoring and control capabilities. Ensure maximum uptime and elevate your connectivity experience through enhanced visibility into your network 
Virtual Interconnectivity
Establish smooth interconnections with partners and public communities through a marketplace, streamlining data exchange and port procurement for a seamless networking experience 
Self-service Agility
Provision and scale your connectivity effortlessly at the click of a button, enjoying unparalleled agility and flexibility that empowers you to meet the dynamic needs of your customers 
Quality Assurance
Rest easy with guaranteed end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). Optimise your users’ experience with a service that prioritises and delivers unparalleled quality 
Tailored Features
Adopt and white-label Infiny to resell network services, and optimise your profitability through customisable pricing that tailors rates to specific customer segments 


All Your Connectivity Solutions, In One Comprehensive Suite

Streamline your workflow by consolidating all your connectivity services on a single platform for a seamless global experience. Our self-service networking model, designed to accelerate service deployment, enables you to easily procure, request, or check the prices of Epsilon’s services, ensuring that you achieve effortless global connectivity.   

Explore our key services available for on-demand provisioning, and enjoy maximum flexibility and efficiency tailored to your business needs: 

Establish direct connections to leading cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, and more, for optimised user experiences 

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Connect your data centres across the globe with low-latency, high-capacity Ethernet connections to support your geographically distributed applications and cloud-centric architecture

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Unlock limitless peering possibilities with our expansive ecosystem of world-leading Internet Exchange (IX) partners including AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, SGIX and more

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Gain access to millions of local, national and toll-free numbers across over 100 countries, and expand your presence across multiple local markets

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Easy On-demand Provisioning

Interconnect effortlessly with our vast global network of partners with our award-winning Infiny platform. Powered by Software-defined Networking (SDN) technology, instantly provision, manage and monitor your connectivity to Cloud Service Providers, Internet Exchanges, or Data Centres of your choice.


Log in to your Infiny account to gain access to Cloud Providers, Internet Exchanges, and more


Procure the service of your choice on-demand and seamlessly scale as required


Monitor your network with advanced analytics to stay ahead of potential challenges 

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A Global Data Centre Connectivity Leader

Epsilon has once again been awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award in the global data centre connectivity industry. It serves as a testament to our commitment to innovation, exceptional performance, and outstanding customer experiences through our holistic NaaS solution, Infiny.

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“Partnering with Epsilon and bringing Infiny into our business is an important step forward in our roadmap. We have an exciting market opportunity at our doorstep and want to use this to expand our business and deliver for our growing Filipino customer base. The solutions and support from Epsilon give us confidence that our region can continue to thrive within the prospering cloud market.” 


Egie Gutierrez  

Vice President – Data Centre Services, Sales and Operations, TIM Corp

Serving Rapidly Growing Cloud Demands via Infiny

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Infiny, NaaS?

Infiny by Epsilon is a Network as a Service (NaaS) platform that revolutionises the way businesses access connectivity solutions, making it easier and faster to buy and scale network services at the click-of-a-button. It’s a platform underpinned by a robust, hyper-scalable global backbone spanning over 300 Points of Presence and a growing ecosystem of partners.

2. What services are available on Infiny, NaaS?

Networking and voice services can be self-provisioned by carriers, enterprises, and managed service providers and partners, to spin up secure and direct connections to leading Internet exchanges (IX), data centres, cloud, SaaS providers and more. 

3. What are the benefits of using Infiny, NaaS?

Infiny, a Network as a Service platform,  empowers instant connectivity to internet exchanges, data centres, and a diverse array of cloud service providers, fostering a highly agile and dynamic network environment. The platform seamlessly integrates the capability to make our network your network, allowing users to effortlessly provision and scale their bandwidth to flexibly meet evolving business demands. This agility extends to encompass service management and comprehensive monitoring, enabling users to efficiently oversee their network resources. Infiny equips businesses with the means to optimise their network performance, and maintain a robust, tailored, and dependable connectivity infrastructure perfectly suited to the fast-paced demands of the digital landscape.

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