Remote Peering

Effortlessly Expand Your Presence with Remote Peering

Tap into a global network of highly diverse Internet Exchanges (IXs) via a single port interconnection for high-performance peering.

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Bringing Together the Best in Peering

Epsilon’s remote peering is a one-stop solution that enables internet connectivity to be established remotely from an Epsilon Point of Presence (PoP) to Internet Exchanges around the world without the need for a physical presence at the local exchange point.

Remotely access thousands of target peers globally to enhance content and application delivery across your network by connecting to Epsilon’s global network fabric.

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Extensive Global Reach
Interconnect to global Internet Exchanges (IXs) via our 120+ on-ramp locations, and access a vast network of 8,000+ peering members without the need for a physical presence.
Scalable Connectivity
Easily connect to multiple IXs remotely and on-demand with Infiny and enjoy the flexibility to scale your bandwidth according to your needs.
Enhanced User Experiences
Reduce network latency with minimised number of hops between service providers. Unlock optimal performance for bandwidth-sensitive applications.
Cost Optimisation
Eliminate the need for substantial upfront investments and pay solely for the required bandwidth and connections.
Seamless Onboarding
Simplify your peering journey and let us take care of all your IX memberships and onboarding. Experience the convenience of a single contract for connectivity and IX peering services
Single Access Port
Remove the expenses and time constraints associated with having a physical presence at multiple IX peering locations. We bring your preferred peering partners to you at a convenient location through a single interconnection port.

How Remote Peering Works

Connect to major Internet Exchanges (IXs) around the world and peer remotely from a single multi-service port without the need to establish a physical presence at local exchange points.

Multiple VLANs can be configured from a common network port by utilising our trans-Atlantic MPLS network, to enjoy scalable bandwidth of up to 100Gbps.

Our Remote Peering services are powered by dedicated Layer 2 connectivity between your business and the Internet Exchanges so you get to enjoy cost savings on IP transit expenses while experiencing substantial improvements in traffic routing.

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Our Internet Exchange Partners

Epsilon’s extensive network of global partnerships brings together one of the largest peering hubs worldwide, providing access to new peering opportunities within a global community of IX partners.

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Your Gateway to the World

Epsilon’s Remote Peering utilises Ethernet connectivity delivered over Epsilon’s network, ensuring low latency and low jitter connections with guaranteed throughput that provide greater reliability for you and your business.

Get a glimpse of how our solutions help reduce costs and improve internet performance and speed for your end-users.

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Enhancing Application Performance

In need of reliable connectivity for bandwidth-critical applications?

Experience reduced network latency for faster online gaming and on-demand video streaming with remote peering, which improves network routing, ensuring a seamless and enhanced online experience and enabling you to enjoy your favourite content with minimal delays.

Extending Global Reach

Need to reach new markets, including hard-to-reach places?

Easily connect to your preferred Internet Exchange Point (IXPs) around the world and complement your existing network infrastructure with Epsilon’s extensive global network ecosystem of partners. Allow us to tailor a custom network design that seamlessly integrates with your specific business requirements. A single interconnection port is all your need to establish peering connections with all your desired IXPs.

Simplifying Network Management

Seeking a single source of provider for your global interconnections?

Optimise your peering strategy with ease through a single interconnect and point of contact, as Epsilon will handle every aspect of your peering needs, from connecting to IXPs to managing IX memberships, providing technical support, handling legal matters, and processing billing.


Optimising User Experiences Globally with On-demand Remote Peering

“Epsilon offers us immediate access to new IXs with the flexibility and scalability to meet growing customer demand. IX Peering accelerates how we use peering in our business and gives us the freedom to grow where the demand is. From a single platform, we can seamlessly expand into new markets and offer our customers a solution that optimises the delivery of content and Cloud services globally. Our customers and their end users see the difference.”

Syed Faruque Ahmed

Chairman, aamra

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Remote Peering?

Remote Peering is a way of interconnecting networks where two or more networks connect to an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) or a peering point through the use of a remote peering service provider to establish the connection.

2. How does Epsilon’s Remote Peering work?

Epsilon’s Remote Peering is a cost-effective solution that enables networks to access the IXP or peering point from a remote location without the need to establish a physical presence at the exchange location.

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