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Global Reach,
Local Capabilities

Enjoy local and global outbound calling available with local Caller Line Identity (CLI) presentation, direct in-country connections, and emergency call services.

Local Termination Coverage

Your Reliable Partner for Global Voice Termination

Highly-efficient and cost-effective way to establish a presence in multiple overseas locations, with superb call quality to both PSTN and mobile networks.

Access to local markets

Full PSTN replacement service with access to local fixed, mobile and emergency services to terminate traffic with local calling in 55+ countries. Reach new markets more efficiently than ever before without having to set up numerous costly overseas offices in the process.

Direct interconnection

Leverage Epsilon’s global network for low latency, high-quality termination options that support interconnections via IPX, IP, SIP or TDM. Our global network infrastructure, which spans across 300 data centres worldwide, enables us to provide first-rate outbound services to organisations in all geographical locations.

Protection against fraud

Our termination services are supported with fraud detection, supporting you with a 24/7 Customer Service Centre. Attacks can be prevented with rate limiting and centralised blacklisting. We help you minimise the risk of monetary, availability and performance loss across your outbound call service network.

Premium quality and reliability

Efficient traffic management tools support high-quality and cost-effective voice services. We pre-test and monitor all our destinations to ensure an optimum level of quality, regardless of network traffic conditions or local infrastructure.

How it works

We provide Numbers as Calling Line Identity (CLI) in local format without international prefix.

Your outbound call termination services are routed through a dedicated link to our global network via our partner networks around the world. Whether you’re making in-country or international calls, recipients of your calls will always see a local number.

Outbound Calling Data Sheet

Speak to our Voice Experts

We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about bringing simplicity and efficiency to global voice services.

We’ve removed manual procedures and fully automated the process of procuring numbers to give our partners an exceptional customer experience. Using our award-winning Infiny platform, you will be able to easily manage your inbound services, enjoying high-quality termination, fast provisioning and automatic re-routing features.

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Why Choose Epsilon

Competitive Pricing

Optimised cost savings through a pay-per-use commercial model and leveraging Epsilon’s global network and call volume. Easily control your outbound contact costs at all times and be sure that you are never paying for services you are not using.

Uncompromised Quality

Unlike some other outbound call termination services, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the calls that you make. We ensure that the service you receive is of the highest standard at all times, assured by a team of experts.

Portal Management

Be in control of cost management and provisioning of new services with reporting and API integration. Using our white-label capability, you will find it simple to monitor, configure and control your outbound services.

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