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Global Reach with Local In-Country Capability
End-to-End Voice Termination via a Reliable Partner

Epsilon’s Outbound Call Termination offers simple access for worldwide calling enhanced with the ability to support local dialling in many countries with call reflecting a local calling number to called parties.
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Access to local markets 
Enables a full PSTN replacement service with access to local fixed, mobile and emergency services to terminate traffic with local calling in 20+ countries.
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Direct interconnection
Leverage Epsilon’s global network for low latency, high-quality termination options that support interconnections via IPX, IP, SIP or TDM. 
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Protected from fraud
Our termination services are supported with fraud detection, supporting you with a 24x7 Customer Service Centre. 
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Premium quality and reliability
Efficient traffic management tools support high-quality and cost-effective voice services. We pre-test and monitor all our destinations to ensure an optimum level of quality.
How It Works 

Epsilon provided numbers as CLI in local format without international prefix, reflecting the call routing locally in-country with support for calls to emergency services within Indonesia. International calls require an additional SIP Trunk connection to support A-Z call termination separate from the local call termination service.
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Speak to our 
Voice Experts

We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about bringing simplicity and efficiency to global inbound numbers procurement.
We’ve removed manual procedures and fully automated the process of procuring numbers to give our partners an exceptional customer experience.
Why Choose Epsilon
 We provide a streamlined process to deliver SIP trunking with outbound calling for local and international voice traffic with a competitive pricing structure supporting expansion to new markets, while ensuring delivery of the best call quality and customer experience. 


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Competitive Pricing
Optimised cost-savings through pay-per-use commercial model and leveraging Epsilon’s global network and call volume.


Uncompromised Quality
Leverage in-country capability with local CLI presentation and full range of in-country calling supported including emergency services for full PSTN replacement services. 


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Portal Management

Customer is in control with our award-winning platform, Infiny by Epsilon, for cost management, provisioning of new services with reporting and API integration supported with white-labelling options. 
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