Intuitive Interconnectivity for Connected Businesses

Get closer to your data, applications, and customers with on-demand connectivity to 300 data centres worldwide.

Be Local, Regional or International

High-performance interconnection between data centres, powered by an MEF-certified global private network

Increase your Business Connectedness

Rapidly scale your reach across Epsilon’s global network fabric with 300 data centres in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

Simplify your Network Provisioning

Our Infiny Network as a Service (NaaS) platform makes it simple to interconnect data centres, cloud and internet exchanges with the ability to scale on demand.

Network that powers your organisation

Say goodbye to latency and jitter. Powered by our private network, we guarantee high-performance connectivity for your business that comes with greater reliability and security.

Make life easier with one contract

One connection is all you need to access our network of data centres, cloud service providers and internet exchanges. We’ll even take care of your last-mile connections.

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Multiple Locations, Technologies & Topologies. You Choose

Infiny enables you to provision and manage Ethernet services on-demand. Scale your data centre interconnection with visibility over the network performance on a single dashboard.

We provide multiple configurations for switched and dedicated Ethernet that come with granular bandwidth ranging from 2Mbps up to 100Gbps.

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How it works

Our experts will work with you to design the best Ethernet solution to connect you to our network. Once connected, you’ll gain access to a simple yet intuitive platform for interconnecting data centres around the world.

Use Infiny, an award-winning NaaS platform, to manage your existing services and scale your interconnectivity at the click of the button.

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Your First Steps into the Global Digital Ecosystem

Multi-cloud connectivity

Simple Interconnection, Anywhere in the World

With Data Centre Interconnect, you’re one interconnection away from reaching a rich community of network providers, cloud service providers, internet exchanges and applications providers, and businesses – bringing accessibility to 300 data centres globally.

We make it simple to procure and manage Ethernet services, giving you a solid foundation in the physical transport layer for delivering high-performance applications across multiple locations globally.

Application-Ready Physical Network

We take care of all aspects of the physical network so you don’t have to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure that your cloud resources and data rely on.

Using Infiny, you’ll benefit from a self-service model designed to accelerate your business connectedness all via a single port and interface.

From Local to Global

If you’re not present in one of our 300 data centres across our global network, we’ll provide you with a last-mile circuit and port at a location convenient to you as part of our Data Centre Interconnect, end-to-end service.

This is crucial to businesses that don’t want to worry about network cables and data centres, but still want the reach that Data Centre Interconnect can provide into the global digital services ecosystem to support their hybrid IT models.

Cloud-Centric Data Centre Interconnection

Today, businesses are no longer restricted to a single data centre environment or allocate resources to doing it themselves. Instead, they’re leveraging new networking models to create a flexible, fluid and intelligent DCI ecosystem that supports their immediate and future business needs.

With on-demand access to 300 data centres across our global network, you can create an entire ecosystem quickly and easily. More importantly, you can reconfigure it at a moment’s notice to meet the changing network requirements of your business.

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Why Choose Epsilon

Network Experts with Heritage

Our team of experts will design a solution that connects you to our global network, ready for connecting you to multiple data centres around the world. Our MEF-certified Ethernet services provides you with security, reliability and high-performance connectivity that you need.

Connect from Anywhere

Whether it’s from a data centre or your office branch, we make sure you have the appropriate ethernet services and last-mile connectivity options as one end-to-end solution, for maximum convenience.

Software-Defined, via Infiny

A simple-to-use network orchestration interface that enables you to procure multiple Ethernet solutions in a convenient and cost-effective way. Connections can be provisioned in minutes and you’ll have complete visibility and control of your network infrastructure.

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Delivering an Optimised End-user Experience for a Korean messaging unicorn

Epsilon and an Over-The-Top (OTT) Unicorn, who delivers one of the APAC’s leading mobile messaging applications, collaborated to connect and optimise their messaging platform for best possible end user experience.

The Korean company’s free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones has been installed by 95% of smartphone owners in its home market, so it is critical that its users get the best service possible with no delays or complications.

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Interconnected Data Centres


Interested in White-labelling our Solutions?

If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio of network services with flexible, on-demand solutions, or divest your own infrastructure and streamline your operations, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our award-winning Infiny NaaS platform and portfolio of services, is available as a white-label solution to managed and network service providers consulting or supporting on IT, network, cloud, digital transformation, communications, cybersecurity and more.

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