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Epsilon Awarded Company of the Year 2023 - The Most Prestigious Award from Frost & Sullivan

Epsilon Telecommunications has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Company of the Year Award in the Global Data Centre Connectivity Industry. This is the second time (2021 and 2023) Frost & Sullivan has honoured Epsilon for leadership in this segment.

Developing Dependable, Agile, and Continuously Evolving Solutions

Epsilon has been identified for consistently developing growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and effectively addressing new challenges and opportunities to meet evolving customer needs. Its Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny, was evaluated as a truly holistic, well-rounded community-based connectivity solution that brings networking to the cloud era.

“Infiny exemplifies Epsilon’s first-mover advantage. Seeing the platform evolve into a truly holistic, well-rounded community-based connectivity solution is intriguing. While the company’s agile product development strategy has empowered it to adapt and respond to market shifts and customer preference swiftly, it also helps minimise risk, ultimately enabling it stay ahead of the competition”

Gautham Gnanajothi, Global Vice President of Research

Epsilon’s Winning Element

Helping businesses interconnect their world, Epsilon has been at the forefront, providing unparalleled expertise in global network connectivity. We’ve built a reputation for being dependable, and a trusted partner in delivering reliable and agile solution, enabling businesses to access a vast ecosystem of global opportunities. Discover what makes Epsilon stands out from its competitor in innovation, performance and customer experience.

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