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Delivering Cloud-Hosted, Real-Time Communications Services
Differentiate and scale with Epsilon’s private cloud-hosted communication services solution. Extend life and maximise value of legacy investments with TDM to IP managed service conversion and SigTran gateway supporting SS7 signaling over an IP network. 
Extend and Enhance your Voice and Video Services Globally with Minimal CAPEX 

Epsilon’s Cloud SBC provides a complete platform wholesale Voice and video session-based transit with end-to-end visibility and SLA, with Conversion services to bridge the TDM-VoIP worlds and provide protocol and media conversion coupled with integrated bandwidth. 
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High availability 
Each Cloud SBC node offers Service level redundancy using Active/Standby mode with hot standby. In addition, Stateful Session Redundancy Protocol (SSRP) exists between Active and Standby units within a single node. 
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Media and signaling conversion
Enhance interoperability as TDM interfaces can be converted on an end-to-end basis, such as T1(DS-1) to E1 and with signalling conversion using SigTran for SS7 
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Extensive tools
By using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technique, Cloud SBC provides tools to users for end-to-end session tracing, media quality measurements and traffic monitoring. 
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Be protected 
Our platform has several safety mechanisms like DoS/DDoS Prevention, SIP Rate/Flooding Protection, Malformed SIP & SIP Profiling. It provides the ability to check for unauthorised users and implement control of media bandwidth & call limits.
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Speak to our 
Voice Experts
We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about bringing the simplicity and efficiency to global inbound numbers procurement.
We’ve removed manual procedures and fully automated the process of procuring numbers to give our partners an exceptional customer experience.


How It Works 

Epsilon’s Cloud SBC allows you to extend your market reach without capital cost with proven performance, privacy assurance, and monitored stability of your interconnections and Epsilon’s Managed Service Conversion enhanced range of interoperability supporting optimising the value of legacy investments and remove interconnect barriers. 
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  • TDM to IP SIGTRAN gateway

  • SS7 Signaling over an IP network

  • 16:1 Bandwidth compression

  • Fully managed and outsourced solutions

  • End-to-end QoS and QoE

  • Conversion services

  • Real-time network monitoring

  • VoIP security

  • Mobile roaming enablement

Why Choose Epsilon

Epsilon delivers trusted, carrier-grade, real-time communications globally and provides you with access to a partition of the same infrastructure that can extend your communication solution quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 
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Valuable Flexibility 
You can rapidly scale up your services to meet changing demands for Voice services leveraging the value of a partition in existing globally connected infrastructure, benefitting from Infrastructure as a Service for cloud switching and conversion.  


Managed Services 
We have a global team of experts and 24/7 customer-centric support to help extend your business capabilities to meet your needs from local in-country to global solutions.


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Reliable Performance

SBCs can detect and normalise different SIP dialects to ensure that calls connect seamlessly without any interruptions and you can benefit from intelligent routing and network monitoring to boost performance. 
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