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Global Voice Communications for Businesses Going Places
Managing Global Voice, The Easy Way
The global voice communications market is multiplying with the growth in technologies like cloud, mobility and big data.

As communication tools continue to evolve, so must the underlying network and interconnectivity that power them. Businesses can benefit from voice solutions that are simple and efficient to support varied environments.

Our comprehensive range of Voice services includes SIP trunking, global inbound services, outbound call termination and Cloud SBC. These are designed to provide modern businesses with the tools and technologies they need to take full advantage of the opportunities for international growth made possible by VoIP. As global communications experts, we can provide your organisation with a complete Voice solution that covers all of your current and future requirements.
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To deliver the best service in an ever-changing environment, it’s good to have a partner with an agile global network that can deliver with speed and quality. Epsilon’s online Infiny platform with support for APIs enables you to search for and order inbound number services with just a few clicks for assured delivery in seconds!

– Head of Voice Business Unit
Our Solutions

Gain instant access to a suite of global voice services anywhere, anytime. We offer flexible pricing and capacity supported by a resilient global network, delivered by intelligent routing. Grow your business presence in local markets with our global voice solutions. With the ability to manage all of your Voice services from one intuitive interface, you will be able to expand or reduce your network to suit your changing needs with ease. You can access new services instantly, enabling you to quickly move into new geographical markets without invoking the costs commonly associated with international expansion plans.
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SIP Trunking

Epsilon’s SIP Trunking provides the foundation for delivering next-generation communication services, including PSTN replacement, with on-demand access to local and regional service providers. Leverage Epsilon’s connectivity to our federation of members and provide trusted SIP services globally. We can manage multiple technical and commercial relationships, so you don’t have to. Whether you require a SIP trunking solution to support your own communications network or to help you expand the communications services that you offer your clients across the globe, Epsilon can provide you with ultra-reliable and flexible solutions. We will take care of all the details, leaving you free to capitalise on the increased capabilities of your global Voice network.
Global Inbound Services

We provide access to millions of local, national and toll-free numbers that can also support SMS, giving you presence in multiple local markets through a single interconnect. With comprehensive coverage in over 100 countries, you can have on-demand control of your numbers for inbound traffic over Epsilon’s global network using our online portal, Infiny.

Infiny makes it easy for you to add or remove numbers as and when needed, without having to worry about dealing with dozens of separate contracts. With our global inbound services, you can enjoy low-jitter, high-quality communications across the globe, with the flexibility of zero fixed contracts. You will also have the option of paying for the calls yourself, charging callers or sharing the cost, depending on your business model and needs.
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Cloud SBC & conversion

Enhance the performance, privacy and stability of your bilateral interconnections using Epsilon’s Cloud SBC with support for TDM and VoIP with conversion services and SigTran. Using our global private network can drive your operational efficiency by reducing equipment costs and infrastructure support. Our Cloud SBC platform offers a comprehensive voice and video call solution for organisations that need a cost-effective global communications network with the ability to control media bandwidth and user access at a granular level. Establishing a presence in new markets can be achieved quickly and without major capital expenditure when you take advantage of our Cloud SBC services.
Outbound call termination

We provide local and global outbound calling services with the ability to offer SIP-based replacement services for traditional PSTN lines. We offer local Caller Line Identity (CLI) presentations, direct in-country connections and support for emergency services calls. Epsilon can facilitate your move to efficient use of IP connectivity to support your varied communication requirements. With our outbound call termination services, you’ll enjoy instant access to local markets across the world, low-latency, high-quality termination options, industry-leading fraud protection and highly efficient traffic management. Used as a standalone service or in combination with our other Voice services, it will provide you with the ability to maintain a local presence in any location you desire, regardless of your existing physical network resources.
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White-label Solutions Just For You
If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio of network services with flexible, on-demand solutions, or divest in your own infrastructure and streamline your operations, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform and portfolio of services is a white-label solution to managed and network service providers consulting or supporting IT, network, cloud, digital transformation, communications, cybersecurity, and more.

Using Infiny, you can easily manage the Voice services that you offer your clients and control your own costs as demand fluctuates, ensuring that you remain highly competitive at all times. With access to our global network of service providers and world-class network infrastructure, you’ll be well placed to take full advantage of the opportunities this rapidly evolving marketplace has to offer.
Global reach with a local presence
Access a federation of global SIP trunk providers, to expand your reach and grow in new markets, without the need to invest heavily in new infrastructure. 
Reduce your inventory and costs
Streamline your multi-site communications, by rationalising your telephony and the number of PBXs across multiple sites.
Liberate your business from fixed contracts
Setup and manage unlimited geographic and non-geographic numbers, and scale capacity as required with zero fixed contracts.  
Combine network and communications
Manage all network, voice and cloud services and benefit from a single point of contact for contracts, regulatory issues billing and technical.
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