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Managed Software Defined Wide Area Networking

 Shift to a modern business-driven SD-WAN edge that yields maximum value from your existing and ongoing cloud and digital transformation

Architect a Powerful, Enterprise Class
SD-WAN Infrastructure

Epsilon SD-WAN enables enterprises to build a modern WAN architecture that drives maximum value from their cloud and digital investments. Using a centrally managed platform that unifies SD-WAN, security, routing and WAN optimisation users can securely and intelligently direct application traffic across the WAN, delivering a self-driving wide area network that continuously learns and adapts to the changing needs of businesses.

SD-WAN allows today’s geographically dispersed enterprises to realise the transformation promise of cloud computing, lowering capital and operational costs, providing the best possible experience for employees and customers, and adapting rapidly to evolving market requirements.

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Central Management
Centrally located orchestrator in control for both network & application policies, giving you the ability to manage your WAN in a simple and agile manner.
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Application Visibility
App throughput, usage, latency, jitter stats across all networks, devices & users which enables you to make decision faster and mitigate any performance issues.
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WAN Optimisation
Latency mitigation and data reduction to optimise the performance of your WAN to help you deliver better digital experiences for your customers and users.
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Seamless Cloud Security Integration
Ability to integrate with market leading cloud security and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) providers with single screen management & reporting.
A Novice's Guide to Buying SD-WAN
Since 2014, there has been a lot of noise around software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) or network virtualisation in general. It brought along even more buzzwords – SDN, NFV, VNF – so much so that enterprises are struggling to know what they can achieve with SD-WAN, and whether should they adopt it or not.

If you are an IT and networking leader exploring SD-WAN for the first time. You may be considering moving to the cloud, overhauling your network, or introducing a software overlay to your existing network.
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How It Works

Every site is equipped with an SD-WAN device be it physical or virtually. Once connected to the local networks, these devices automatically download custom-defined configuration and traffic policies and establish tunnels with one another or a point of presence (PoP), depending on the architecture. Routing and traffic control are managed by a centralised orchestrator. Outbound traffic is routed along the optimum path based on application policies and real-time traffic conditions.
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Speak to our 
SD-WAN Experts
We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about global network connectivity.

We understand the unique challenges that enterprises face when managing their WAN, and we’re here to help.



Designed for Today's Hybrid Multi-Cloud Era

If you’re exploring programmable networking, need cloud orchestration, have global expansion plans for your WAN, or require a software overlay for your existing network, then SD-WAN will offer you the technical, operational and commercial benefits to transform your network infrastructure.

Our SD-WAN solution unleashes the full potential of on-demand connectivity. It enables you to support new ICT innovations with a WAN that is elastic and built to scale as you grow. We make it easy to implement SD-WAN with zero touch provisioning, allowing you to roll out new sites in days rather than months.

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Dong Liang

Senior Product Manager, Epsilon

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Increased Agility and Continuous Adaptability

Epsilon SD-WAN delivers a self-driving wide area network that continuously learns and adapts to the changing needs of businesses. Software centricity allows for quick adaptions to changes, such as adding access or connecting new sites within minutes.
Simplifying WAN Management with Better Control, Visibility and Automation

Gain visibility into your applications such as throughput usage, latency, jitter stats across all network, devices and users. Use our centrally located orchestrator to auto-deploy applications and policies to over 1000 remote locations and keep a step ahead of changing requirements with automation & near real-time analytics and reporting.
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Better Application Performance at Lower Cost

Unified platform gives businesses the freedom to choose the most cost-effective type of network without worrying about performance. Increase app performance and availability on any type of transport with integrated WAN optimisation.
Take Charge of your Security

Improve your WAN security with zone-based firewall & network segmentation. We enable you to seamlessly integrate cloud security and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions with single screen management and reporting.
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Learn more about SD-WAN


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In selecting an managed SD-WAN provider, enterprises need to observe the Goldilocks Principle. Get the checklist for the move from MPLS to SD-WAN.

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Enterprise networking will become even more sophisticated as SMEs expand. This is when SMEs should start to consider SD-WAN over traditional WAN.

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With companies globally activating their business continuity plan (BCP) to enable remote working from home, the significance of SD-WAN will definitely rise.

Why Choose Epsilon

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Trusted Global Networking and Architecture
Our network experts will work with you to design the best SD-WAN solution, supported by our global network connecting over 250 points of presence and last mile access worldwide.
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Control your WAN at your Convenience
We can directly connect your on-premises or alternative facilities to our global network. With over 300+ network supplier relationships, we serve local tail services in most countries, providing an end-to-end secure solution that connects your enterprise locations globally.
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More than an MPLS Replacement
We offer a unified SD-WAN solution designed for today’s cloud-first enterprise with hassle-free setup and deployment in minutes. We deliver a fully managed offering that takes the pressure off your business while ensuring you have improved visibility, optimised performance and security across your WAN.
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