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A full end-to-end orchestrated enterprise solution that bundles scalable Cloud connectivity, Internet and hybrid SD-WAN connectivity.

Global SD-WAN For Enterprise Networking

Enterprise WAN offers you a simple and effective way to connect enterprise locations with a secure, global SD-WAN. It is a cost-effective MPLS alternative that simplifies the procurement of network connectivity and bundles the benefits of SD-WAN business application orchestration.

We provide various connectivity options for your SD-WAN deployment via our MEF-certified Ethernet or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). You can connect multiple enterprise locations from a single source and reduce deployment costs while extending your connectivity as you grow your business in new markets.
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Enterprise WAN is a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for connecting your enterprise locations globally 
Zero-Touch Deployment 
Delivering optimised access to Cloud services, private data centres and enterprise applications simultaneously over both ordinary broadband Internet and private links.
Integrated Security
Enterprise WAN allows you to configure network firewalls, encryption and security protocols, removing the need for additional security solutions
A Simple Model
Connect enterprise locations across the globe with a single provider and benefit from a consistent experience across provisioning, billing and management 
Global Reach 
We have relationships with world-leading network providers across the globe, enabling you to efficiently connect no matter where you are located 
Trusted Networking 
Enterprise WAN is supported by our Carrier-Grade, MEF-certified Ethernet network with access to over 220 Points of Presence globally
Real-time Analytics 
We give you access to real-time insights into your network, so you can continually optimise and shape your network environment 
Our Enterprise WAN solution allows you to deploy global SD-WAN that connects your enterprise locations while giving you access to the world’s leading Cloud Service Providers. We offer both public and private connectivity via our MEF-certified Ethernet service or Dedicated Internet Access. It is a simple end-to-end solution with integrated security offering to connect your enterprise locations globally.
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4 Reasons Why Organisations Are Not Embracing SD-WAN

You might be wondering why your customers might need SD-WAN when their current WAN architecture works perfectly fine. How good is good enough?

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MEF 3.0: Solving SD-WAN Challenges with New Standards

The networking industry is indeed embracing SD-WAN. However, the key challenge today is the interoperability of multiple SD-WAN solutions within an environment, which could be triggered by mergers and acquisitions or new demands in the network.

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