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Drive Digital Transformation with Application-aware SD WAN

Transform your WAN into an application-aware and agile network with Epsilon's flexible and cloud-optimised managed SD WAN solution.

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Make Your WAN Work Smarter

Epsilon Software-defined WAN simplifies and automates the management and operation of your global infrastructure, regardless of your transport fabrics.

Whether it’s overlayed on Epsilon’s secure networks or your own transport fabrics, our Managed SD WAN monitors the performance of WAN connections and intelligently manages and optimises traffic. What you will get is greater application performance, security and reliability.

And since it’s a managed service, you don’t have to worry about design, configuration or maintenance — we take care of it for you!

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Simplify WAN Management
Get complete visibility and control across disparate networks and multiple locations with a centralised management portal.
Accelerate Network Agility
Easily meet the varying demands of your on-premises and cloud workloads with fast and scalable deployments.
Simplify Multi-Cloud Architecture
Eliminate backhauling traffic to your HQ with direct cloud access at the remote branches, thereby minimising additional traffic to the core network.
Optimise Application Performance
Prioritise business-critical applications, dynamically route traffic, automatically mitigate performance issues, and deploy app-aware failover to enhance WAN performance and increase WAN availability.
Boost Security
Enjoy a level of security by encrypting and tunnelling traffic to your data, with the ability to layer additional firewalls, and cloud security options to create an integrated solution.
Reduce WAN Cost
Combine Epsilon’s secure Ethernet, cost-effective Broadband Internet, and direct Cloud Access to create a new software-defined model that simplifies network management and reduces cost.


A Tailored Approach,
Fit for Your Organisation

Design the networks you need, directly connect to your cloud providers of choice, and overlay with the right SD WAN technology for a high-performance application-aware network.

We are there for you 24×7 as your trusted one-stop managed service provider that comes with the combination of global connectivity, orchestration, and SD WAN technology.

sd wan direct cloud connect

Get direct private connection to top leading Cloud providers and bypass the unpredictability and vulnerability of the public internet

global sd-wan network

Mix and match your network access from MEF-Certified Network services to bring you around the world, even to hard-to-reach places

wan and sase overlay

Overlay the hybrid and multi-cloud environments with SD WAN for better WAN performance, simplified WAN management and increased WAN availability

managed sd wan provider epsilon

We do not just manage your network 24x7, we help maximise it! Our team of dedicated engineers has the technical know-how to design, configure and manage a cost-effective infrastructure that maximises performance and increases WAN availability

“Partnering with Epsilon and introducing SD WAN to our business is an important step forward in our roadmap. We can now seamlessly expand as a business with high-performance connectivity between manufacturing plants and our offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines, and better serve our customers in these areas.”

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Moving from Legacy MPLS to SD WAN

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Your Certified SD WAN Provider

We partner with SD WAN vendors, ensuring you get all the advantages of a high-performance network.

Epsilon SD WAN with Aruba EdgeConnect

Cost-effective WAN Solution

A unified platform for firewall, routing, WAN optimisation, segmentation, and application visibility and control. The solution improves the performance and availability of your applications by dynamically routing applications to virtually any site and cloud.

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aruba logo white
epsilon sd wan aruba silver peak

Epsilon SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki

Good Choice for a Lean IT Environment

A technology that simplifies management for security, networking, and app control. It comes with comprehensive security including a stateful firewall and integrated advanced security to protect networks from ever-changing vulnerabilities. This solution is suitable for multi-site deployments.

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epsilon partner cisco meraki
epsilon sdwan with cicso meraki

Epsilon SD-WAN with Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN

An Ideal solution for Complex Networks

A fully integrated security stack with advanced routing, segmentation and network performance analytics. Suitable for enterprises with complex networks. Use this solution to build large-scale networks with full integration of routing, security, centralised policy, and orchestration.

cisco viptela partner

Epsilon SD-WAN with CATO

Integrated Solution for your WAN architectures

A next-generation secure networking architecture that minimises legacy IT infrastructures’ complexity, costs, and risks. Suitable for large organisations looking for a SASE platform with converging SD-WAN and network security.

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Epsilon partner cato networks
epsilon sd wan with cato


Solving Your WAN Challenges with a Smart and Simplified Network

Still in doubt if SD WAN is the solution for you? If you are facing any of the following challenges, Epsilon can help. Our Managed SD WAN supports a set of critical enterprise use cases, addressing common challenges caused by the increase in mobility, cloud and hybrid workforce.

epsilon sd wan solutions

MPLS Migration to SD WAN

Frustrated over Expensive, Rigid, and Capacity-Constrained MPLS Networks? 

Epsilon SD WAN enables you to boost usable capacity, optimise WAN performance and improve resiliency at a lower cost per megabit. SD WAN can co-exist with MPLS or completely replace it with Ethernet or cost-effective Broadband Internet with comparable Quality of Service but with reduced cost and complexity.

Improve UCaaS Performance

Facing Poor Video and Voice Call Quality?

Epsilon SD WAN recognises and marks UCaaS traffic and steers it optimally and dynamically across the network, minimising jitter and packet loss to an optimised voice and video user experience.

Improve Network and Application Performance

Lacking the Visibility and Intelligence Needed to Easily and Quickly Identify Problems?

With more employees using more bandwidth-heavy applications, networks are experiencing more congestion,  packet loss and network outages. SD WAN provides you with a bird’s-eye view so you can identify network problems and act on them quickly. This allows you to plan capacity and prioritise your applications, thereby improving the user experience.

Enable Hybrid Workforce

Your VPN Can’t Scale to Support the Growing Mobile Workforce? 

Epsilon SD WAN improves application performance and provides direct cloud connectivity to simplify hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives. Flexible network security protects users, devices, and applications no matter if they are connecting from on-site or home.

Secure Internet Access

Getting Unpredictable Internet Performance? Time Consuming and Costly, as Every Branch Offices Needs to Deploy Security Appliances?  

SD WAN simplifies branch office operations and efficiently connects your branch offices to the internet. This makes establishing local breakouts easy. In addition, it simplifies branch office operations by delivering security as a cloud service and using software-defined policies to route traffic.

Enable Cloud-first Strategy

Current WAN Cannot Effectively Support the increase in Cloud-Applications? 

Traditional WANs were designed for applications hosted in a central data centre. With enterprises moving to the cloud, the need to backhaul cloud-destined traffic to the data centre increases latency and degrades application performance. Epsilon SD WAN addresses these challenges by transporting data directly from branch offices to the cloud. This also eliminates the potential for wasted bandwidth, increased latency and performance bottlenecks for cloud and web traffics.


Ready to Accelerate your Digital Transformation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is managed SD WAN?

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) is a virtual WAN technology that enables enterprises to leverage on any combination of network transport services such as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), long-term evolution (LTE) and broadband internet services. It securely extends enterprise networks over large geographical distances and connects remote users to applications, services, and resources regardless of location.

2. How does SD WAN work?

With a centralised control pane, SD WAN enables network administrators to control and manage any configuration or deployment easily. Rules and policies can be set and deployed across an entire network at once, enabling traffic to be steered securely and intelligently across the WAN and directly to trusted SaaS and IaaS providers. This enhances WAN performance, improves WAN availability and agility, simplifies WAN management, and reduces WAN costs.

3. Is SD WAN and SDN the same ?

Both SD WAN and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) stem from the same central concept of controlling a network using software but have key differentiating factors.

SD WAN is a cost-effective alternative to traditional networking technology such as MPLS and focuses on supporting geographically distributed locations to deliver a WAN that connects multiple sites with each other. In some ways, SD WAN can be viewed as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for the WAN.

SDN serves modern networking needs of managing Local Area Networks (LAN), and is inward focused on forming networks that can be quickly changed according to the organisations’ needs.

4. Why pick SD WAN over MPLS?

SD WAN is a new approach to WAN that is better than MPLS in many ways. Compared to MPLS, SD WAN may be more cost-effective and secure, while providing higher performance.


While MPLS handles failure scenarios with backup links, SD WAN handles them with real-time traffic steering based on centralised policy. In addition, SD WAN unifies the entire WAN backbone and delivers comprehensive analytics across the network globally. Given the disparate pieces of infrastructure and policies, these features are not possible with MPLS.

5. Does SD WAN replace MPLS?

While SD WAN can serve as a MPLS replacement, it is not an either-or choice. Both SD WAN and MPLS can be adopted as a hybrid architecture to maximise the benefits of both technologies.

MPLS provides a direct, secure connection which remains desirable for organisations seeking a high degree of integrity and privacy for their mission-critical data, applications, and transactions.

SD WAN, which offers granular traffic control, integrated security, and the ability to leverage multiple connection strategies, can still be run over an MPLS connection to provide greater protection and functionality than an MPLS solution alone.

6. Is SD WAN the same as VPN?

Both SD WAN and Virtual Private Network (VPN) are internet-based network solutions which enable enterprises to leverage on cost effective public Internet bandwidth.

In terms of network architecture, SD WAN act as gateways to a fully connected network of SD WAN appliances and allows for traffic to be restricted based on based on a user profile or traffic type, while VPN only implements point-to-point connectivity.

Both technologies also differ in transport media. SD WAN enables optimized, secure traffic routing over a variety of WAN connections such as the internet, LTE, 4G, or MPLS to various clouds for a seamless user experience and greater flexibility. Meanwhile, VPNs are designed to send all traffic over a single, secure network link.

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