Accelerate Digital Transformation with Application-Aware SD-WAN Network

Transform your WAN into an agile and application-aware network with our flexible and cloud-optimised managed SD-WAN

Architect a Powerful, Enterprise-Class
Virtual WAN Infrastructure

By using a centrally-managed platform that unifies SD-WAN, security, routing, and WAN optimisation, users can securely and intelligently direct application traffic across the WAN

Central Management

Centralised configuration capabilities provide full control over routing and security services, simplifying application deployment and policy changes across your entire network.

Application Visibility

Statistics such as app throughput, usage, latency, jitter enable you to make decisions faster and mitigate any performance issues. Potential issues are highlighted as soon as they become apparent.

WAN Optimisation

Better digital experiences for your customers and users with latency mitigation and data reduction. A self-aware SD-WAN is able to continuously refine traffic routing and data retrieval policies.

Seamless Cloud Security Integration

Ability to integrate with market-leading cloud security and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) providers with single-screen management and reporting.

How it works

We help you deploy SD-WAN devices across your WAN, be it physically or virtually. Control traffic and route outbound traffic along the optimum path based on application policies and real-time conditions.

Configure your SD-WAN automatically on all devices across the entire network, enabling any setups and changes to be completed in minutes rather than weeks or even months.

SD WAN Data Sheet
SD-WAN Zscaler


Designed for Today's Hybrid Multi-Cloud Era

Increased Agility and Continuous Adaptability

Benefit from our agile and flexible approach to SD-WAN for optimal performance across sites, data centres and clouds.

With application-aware routing, it intelligently directs traffic based on pre-defined policies and real-time network conditions to automatically select the right network path for the right application at the right time.

Simplifying WAN Management

Gain visibility into your applications such as throughput usage, latency, jitter stats across all networks, devices, and users.

Use our centrally located orchestrator to auto-deploy applications and policies to over 1,000 remote locations and keep a step ahead of changing requirements with automation and near real-time analytics and reporting.

Better Application Performance at Lower Cost

Increase app performance and availability on any type of transport with integrated WAN optimisation. We deliver highly predictable performance worldwide even for the most demanding applications.

With the rise of high-performance, highly available applications and services, the ability to manage costs whilst optimising performance across your entire network proves to be invaluable to any organisation.

Take Charge of your Security

Improve your WAN security with zone-based firewall and network segmentation. Seamlessly integrate cloud security and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions with our single-screen management and reporting.

You can deploy next-generation firewalls both on-site and in the cloud, ensuring superior security and performance across all applications, services and users.

A Novice's Guide to Buying SD-WAN

Since 2014, there has been a lot of noise around software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) or network virtualisation in general. It brought along even more buzzwords – SDN, NFV, VNF – so much so that enterprises are struggling to know what they can achieve with SD-WAN, and whether should they adopt it or not.

Our guide helps you evaluate what SD-WAN has to offer and determine exactly what it could do for your organisation.

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Why Choose Epsilon

Trusted Global Networking and Architecture

Our network experts will work with you to design an SD-WAN solution suited to your needs. With our global network connecting to over 280 points of presence and last-mile connections worldwide, we assure the delivery of a top-class SD-WAN solution for enterprises of all sizes.

Control your WAN at your Convenience

We can directly connect your on-premises or branch offices to our global network and ecosystem of partners. Improve your organisational network performance, whilst keeping your underlying network costs under control at all times.

More than an MPLS Replacement

We offer a unified SD-WAN solution designed for today’s cloud-first enterprise with hassle-free setup that can be deployed in minutes. Our fully-managed approach takes the pressure off your business while ensuring you have improved visibility, optimised performance and security.