Secure Direct Cloud Connectivity

Get private, secure, and scalable access to leading cloud providers and improve the performance and security of your data and applications

Get Closer to Leading Cloud Service Providers

Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution provides you with the global infrastructure and network orchestration you need to easily connect to one or multiple leading cloud providers on demand.

Connect to major clouds from one platform

Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution connects you to leading providers such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, AWS Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more.

Scale on demand

Deploy cloud connectivity on the fly and scale your bandwidth to the cloud as your business grows. Use Infiny self-service platform to adjust bandwidth instantly, while optimising your cloud egress cost.

Secure your mission-critical data and apps

Bypass the hazards of the public internet and reduce the surface area for cyberattacks. Our global private network ensures highly secure connections to the cloud with consistency in global performance.

Improve cloud performance and user experience

Connections are more stable, predictable and have lower latency. Improve the availability of your cloud data and applications without compromising on performance and speed.

How Our Cloud Connect Works

We remove the headaches of cloud connectivity. Our team will design, provision, and take care of all elements in the physical network layer.

Simply use Infiny to turn up Cloud Connect services with granular bandwidth options from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. No need for any additional hardware or physical cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Connect Data Sheet
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The Best Companion for Cloud Transformation

epsilon cloud service provider

Simplify Your Cloud Transformation

Direct connection to major cloud providers is often time-consuming and difficult to manage on your own – typically involving multiple service providers and varying SLAs in a complex and disparate manner.

At Epsilon, we remove all of these complexities. No more manual, complex, and arduous processes for setting up single or multiple direct connections to the cloud.

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Better Security, Better Performance

With data and apps residing in the cloud, businesses are exposed to the threat of cyber attacks and bad actors when using the public internet to access their cloud services. As the data passes through multiple networks to achieve the desired routing (aka “multi-hop”), its compromise security and also adds latency, leading to unreliable and unpredictable performance.

Cloud Connect is a Layer 2 Ethernet service that delivers dedicated, low latency connectivity between your data centre and the cloud. It is the best route for maximising the security of your data and improving the performance of your cloud applications.

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A cut above VPN

Connecting to the cloud via a virtual private network (VPN) doesn’t take away the problems associated with the public internet. Since VPN is delivered at Layer 3 via a network provider over the internet, you’ll still face performance issues from inefficient routing, potential network attacks and congested connections.

Unlike VPN, Epsilon Cloud Connect delivers dedicated Layer 2 connectivity to the cloud that minimises network congestion and ensures your data are securely transmitted over a private network.

a simple guide to cloud connectivity epsilon e-guide

Connect to the Cloud

Businesses can no longer ignore the network infrastructure that underpins the delivery of their critical apps, cloud services, and IT strategies. Understand how your network connectivity can impact your cloud transformation strategy.

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Why Choose Our Cloud Connect Service

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Cloud-Ready Network

We’ve done all the hard work for you by establishing a high-performance, global private network with direct connections to the major clouds. Our network fabric stretches across 280+ data centres with on-ramps to cloud service providers globally.

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Connect from Anywhere

Be it connecting to the cloud from a data centre or your office branch, we make sure you have the appropriate private Ethernet or last-mile connection as a single end-to-end solution for maximum convenience.

Cloud On-ramp locations
software define direct connection to cloud

Software-Defined, via Infiny

Provision direct connections to the cloud in minutes with complete visibility over your service. Infiny was designed to solve the challenges associated with traditional networking model such as long lead time, inflexible contracts and the lack of control.

About Infiny

Epsilon’s cloud connectivity solutions make it simple for us to directly access the cloud service providers of our choice with the option to add Layer 3 Cloud Routing that matches our needs.

Ryan de MeloVP of Engineering, Tokopedia

Other Cloud Connectivity Solutions

Cloud Routing aws cloud google cloud interconnect

Cloud Routing

Need more than just a direct connection to the cloud? Or looking to interconnect multiple clouds?

Epsilon’s Cloud Routing is a managed solution for any-to-any Layer 3 connectivity via a private network.

Cloud Routing
multi cloud azure aws google cloud interconnect

Cloud Networking

Do you have a complex cloud architecture and require a better way to manage your clouds?

Epsilon’s Cloud Networking allows you to orchestrate native cloud networking constructs with automation and visibility.

Cloud Networking