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Cloud Connect

Direct Connectivity to Cloud Service Providers

Improve your application performance with on-demand, private and secure Ethernet connections to a large ecosystem of leading and niche cloud service providers.

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Direct connectivity to leading cloud service providers including AWS and Azure


Get Closer to Leading Cloud Service Providers

Connect instantly to multiple SaaS and Cloud providers securely and bypass the unpredictability and vulnerability of the public Internet.

With secure and direct cloud connectivity to a wide array of Cloud Service Providers ranging from industry leaders to niche players – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Tencent Cloud and more – you get higher performance, speed, and control for an enhanced user experience.

Download Cloud Connect Datasheet
One Platform, Multiple Clouds
Establish secure and private connections to one of the largest ecosystem of leading cloud and SaaS providers.
Private Network, Global Security
Secure mission-critical data and applications with Epsilon’s Layer 2 MEF-certified Ethernet connectivity to the cloud.
One Port, Numerous Services
With a single port to aggregate a range of services, simplify your network design plus maintain flexible contracts and on-demand provisioning to improve ROI.
Scalable, On Demand
Provision, scale, and monitor your Cloud Connectivity on demand via Infiny, a self-service software-defined network platform.
Stable Performance, Improved User Experience
Enjoy improved availability, speed, and performance. We ensure that your data travels through the most direct route possible to your cloud service provider.
Extensive Reach, Growing Capabilities
Connect to the cloud whenever and wherever you need with our extensive and ever-growing network of data centres.

How Cloud Connect Works

Epsilon’s private and dedicated Layer 2 MEF-certified Ethernet services connect you to leading cloud service providers from hundreds of data centres located globally, while ensuring enhanced security, reliability, and performance.

With scalable and granular bandwidth, you can start from as small as 50Mbps and scale up as your demand grows. No need for any additional hardware or physical cloud infrastructure. We take care of all the elements in the physical network layer for you, so that you can focus on your core business.

managed cloud connectivity services

Cloud Connectivity Provisioning is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Instantly connect to cloud service providers, increase or decrease port speeds on demand, and view traffic in real-time via our self-service portal.


Log into your Infiny account for on-demand provisioning.


Pick from one of the several cloud providers, select your port location, and choose the bandwidth required.


Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription, or contracts ranging up to 36 months.

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Build a Cloud Network of Your Choice

Point-to-Point Cloud Connectivity

You require direct connections to multiple cloud service providers using a Layer 2 network for efficiency, control, and performance.

You can deploy direct connectivity to world-leading cloud service providers using Epsilon’s private Ethernet and dedicated cloud gateways.

You can also use a single port to connect to multiple clouds to drive network efficiencies and security.

point to point cloud connectivity

Multi-Cloud Networking

You require private multi-cloud connectivity across Cloud Service Providers for predictability, performance, and control.

You can provision an Epsilon Cloud Routing service to connect directly between multiple Cloud Service Providers without a need to bring multiple connections back to your data centre.

For advanced networking, security and operational visibility, you can also deploy Epsilon Cloud Networking services. It goes beyond the cloud gateways, allowing you to mange your VPN/VNETs within and across clouds.

Multi Cloud Routing across AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

You would like to keep some processes and data in a more controlled environment (e.g. a private cloud or on-premise data center) while taking advantage of the greater resources and low overhead of public cloud computing.

You can seamlessly connect your private infrastructure to your public or private cloud resources with a fully redundant network giving you the privacy, reliability, and control you would expect from a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

“Epsilon’s cloud connectivity solutions make it simple for us to directly access the cloud service providers of our choice with the option to add Layer 3 Cloud Routing that matches our needs.”

Ryan de MeloVice President of Engineering, Tokopedia
Tokopedia multi cloud orchestration and security with epsilon


Secure Multi-Cloud Orchestration to Support Indonesia’s e-Commerce Boom

Read Case Study


Direct Connection to a Large Ecosystem of Cloud and SaaS Providers

Connect your business to major cloud platforms from any of our growing number of data centres located globally. We are one of the few key providers with a large ecosystem of cloud service providers.

View Cloud On-Ramp Locations
Epsilon cloud provider salesforce
Epsilon cloud provider servicenow
Epsilon cloud provider SAP
Epsilon cloud provider Office 365
Epsilon cloud provider Webex by cisco


Solving Your Cloud Challenges with Secure Cloud Connectivity

Epsilon’s Cloud Connect service solves common cloud challenges that enterprises, carriers, and service providers may face.

If any of the challenges stated sound relevant to you, we’re here to help. With decades of cloud experience, we are dedicated to helping you overcome them by providing seamless and secure connectivity for all your data, applications, and services in the cloud.

Secure cloud connectivity

Improve Uptime and Security

Currently accessing the cloud via the internet, and faced with frequent connectivity issues and poor security?

Cloud Connect uses Epsilon’s global private backbone network to securely connect you to your cloud provider of choice. Our private and dedicated Layer 2 Ethernet connections bypass the unreliable and insecure public Internet, so that you can connect confidently with ultra-low latency, and improved security, uptime and performance.

Easily Scale Your Bandwidth

Are you buying connectivity directly from leading cloud providers, without granular bandwidth options?

With Epsilon’s Cloud Connect, you have the flexibility to purchase bandwidth granularly, with options ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and beyond. Unlike buying directly from top cloud service providers where fixed bandwidth options are common, Epsilon enables you to easily scale your bandwidth according to your business requirements, and grow or re-engineer your networking solutions if your business requirements change.

Simplify Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Are you struggling with the complexity of managing multiple clouds from different providers?

Connecting to multiple cloud service providers can be difficult, especially when trying to juggle multiple vendor relationships and agreements. We’re dedicated to making Cloud Connect as simple as possible by providing you access to leading cloud service providers from a single platform. We manage these global relationships and handle the complexities, so you don’t have to. You can simply click and connect to the cloud providers of your choice, on-demand.

Transform Your Cloud Operations

Are you exploring the idea of migrating to the cloud, but unsure of where to start?

Migrating to the cloud can feel intimidating, especially with complex hybrid and multi-cloud models surging in popularity. Epsilon’s Cloud Connect is an easy steppingstone into the cloud space, and our team of experts are at hand to help you every step of the way. Together, we can build the right strategy and solution for your business and ensure a seamless end-to-end cloud journey.


Ready to Simplify and Optimise Your Cloud Connectivity?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cloud Connect?

Cloud Connect is Epsilon’s simplest cloud connectivity solution. It provides convenient, cost-efficient, and direct access to both world-leading and niche cloud service providers (CSPs), including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Naver Cloud, Tencent Cloud and more.

Cloud connectivity can be easily provisioned and deployed on-demand via our award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny.

2. How does Cloud Connect differ from your Cloud Routing and Cloud Networking solutions?

Cloud Connect offers simple layer 2 connectivity to the cloud, while Cloud Routing provides layer 3 connectivity, and Cloud Networking offers layer 3 connectivity all the way to VPC/VNET in the cloud.

In simple terms, Cloud Connect is an easy and economical way to connect to one cloud service provider, or a couple of different ones, but with workloads remaining with the same provider.

Cloud Routing is ideal for customers running workloads across multiple different clouds, while Cloud Networking, the most advanced service, is ideal for cloud-centric businesses running mission-critical applications across multiple clouds, requiring superior networking security, visibility, and performance.

3. Is Cloud Connect secure?

Yes, Epsilon’s Cloud Connect allows you to benefit from the security and reliability of the private cloud for mission-critical data and applications, while also benefitting from the cost-efficiency and flexibility of the public cloud. Bypassing the hazards of the public internet increases security and privacy, while reducing the surface area for cyberattacks.

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