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Cloud-centric Data Centre Interconnection

Building a Scalable and Interconnected Ecosystem

A cloud-centric data centre interconnected ecosystem is a high-density network ecosystem that enables interconnection between data centres, Clouds, businesses, services and applications without geographical limitations.

Characterised by long lead time, multiple suppliers, manual processes and offline ‘on the phone’ procurement, the legacy approach to Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) is no longer fit for purposes in this Cloud era.

Businesses today are no longer restricted to a single data centre environment or having to allocate resources to doing it themselves. Instead, they’re leveraging new networking models to create flexible, fluid and intelligent DCI ecosystem that support their immediate and future business needs.

Cloud-Centric Data Centre Interconnect Ecosystem:

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  • How to build a cloud-centric DCI ecosystem
  • Difference between a traditional and cloud-centric DCI ecosystem
  • The business outcome and future of a DCI strategy

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