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Connecting Start-up Unicorns

Delivering elastic networking for high-growth, cloud-first and software-centric businesses

Start-up Unicorns have been reshaping industries around the world and they need a new approach to networking that enables innovation and removes the limits on their organisations.

Unicorns have been successful in disrupting traditional business models across any number of verticals and now they are influencing how networks are procured, managed and deployed both locally and globally. These are businesses that are born in the Cloud that have new needs and expectations.

The challenge for Unicorns is to find a connectivity provider that understands these needs and can deliver networking that mirrors their approach to business. Legacy models were not developed to serve network-dependent businesses that move at the speed of a Unicorn.

They need a connectivity provider that thinks like them and can execute at the highest possible level.

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  • Hyper-Adaptable Networking
  • Connecting Unicorns with Cloud-centric Networking
  • Choosing a Connectivity Provider for the Future

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