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Future-Proof Cloud Connectivity in an Exacting Regulatory Landscape

Navigating Technology Risk Management and Compliance in accordance with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Guidelines

Cybercriminals are becoming adept at evolving their attack tactics by the hour, and your business should be prepared.

A single weak link in the interconnected financial ecosystem can and will be exploited to carry out fraudulent financial transactions, exfiltrate sensitive financial data, or disrupt the support of financial services.

Early in 2021, Keeper Security found that 70% of financial services  institutions reported experiencing a cyber-attack in the past year.

Keeping several steps ahead of threat actors can boost your financial institution’s business continuity preparedness and future-proofing—well beyond tomorrow.

Furthermore, with increased adoption and widespread usage of the cloud, cloud costs continue to be more economical and flexible. This makes moving infrastructures over to cloud-based platforms even more lucrative and beneficial.

Regardless of the level of digital transformation, your organisation has embraced so far, compliance and national cybersecurity mandates mean that more safeguards and best practices need to be integrated into Singapore’s entire banking, financial and insurance system.

As a financial institution in Singapore, have you done everything necessary to stay resilient and adaptable amid the tightening data protection and financial compliance laws?

In this e-Book, learn about:

  • Top challenges faced by Financial Institutions adopting the cloud and how to minimise cloud anxiety
  • About the MAS’s TRM guidelines and the requirements
  • Epsilon’s proposition to cloud connectivity
  • Use case on how a global bank stays relevant for any regulatory revisions with Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solution

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