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How To Directly Connect To AWS In ASEAN

An overview of cloud connectivity options to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in ASEAN

An increasing appetite for cloud applications has driven the rapid maturity of the market, which is hardly surprising when you review what cloud services mean for the modern business. It allows them to be what they need to be in modern times – agile, flexible, cost efficient and highly scalable.

In 2020, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud were the top three public cloud providers.
76% of enterprises were running workloads in AWS, 12% were experimenting with it, while another 5% were planning to use it in future.
With that said, IT leaders are under increasing pressure to evolve their infrastructure rapidly. To accomplish these objectives, businesses have turned to a variety of infrastructure environments to deploy various types of applications.
In the ASEAN region, IT departments are under no less pressure to become more of a business enabler and meet customer demands than any other region.
However, access to clouds and dedicated connectivity options are often more difficult to deploy and manage in these markets owing to limited coverage and accessibility.
In this e-Guide, you’ll learn:
  • The challenges faced when connecting to AWS in ASEAN
  • An overview of different cloud connectivity options
  • Benefits of AWS Direct Connect
  • How to connect to AWS from anywhere in ASEAN

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