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Creating a Foundation for Securing User Data and Workloads across the Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated digital transformation on a global scale. For healthcare organisations, it caused a dramatic change and an urgency to focus on innovation efforts.

According to a survey by McKinsey of more than 100 healthcare leaders, 90% agreed that the pandemic will fundamentally change the way they do business, requiring new product, services, processes and business models.

Over recent decades, the protection and handling of customer data has been specifically regulated in many countries across the globe.

Whilst the focus is on the protection of customer data and information at rest, most industry regulations also specify how sensitive data in motion needs to be handled. Common regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and SOC 2 have varying requirements for managing the transfer and movement of data traffic.

Therefore, how healthcare companies manage and secure their networks is as critical as any other form of security.

Without complying to these regulations and security measures, healthcare enterprises face barriers to innovation in healthcare. They need to find a simple yet powerful cloud model to enhance operations, comply with regulations and keep up in a changing market with new innovation.

In this e-Book, learn about:

  • The Healthcare Cloud Market overview
  • Security guidelines applicable to Healthcare service providers
  • Cloud & networking challenges today and the issues with Cloud Service Providers (CSP)
  • Moving to Enterprise-class Cloud Networking
  • Use case on Operational improvements in a Healthcare company
  • The future of Healthcare

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