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In today's fast-changing business world, the pursuit of digital transformation and technological innovation stands as both a challenge and an opportunity for leaders like us.

In today's fast-changing business world, the pursuit of digital transformation and technological innovation stands as both a challenge and an opportunity for leaders like us.

While the potential rewards are immense, it’s essential to recognise that not all organisations achieve success on their transformation journey. In fact, McKinsey’s research revealed that a staggering 70% of digital transformations fail due to unclear goals and misalignment to business-wide strategies.

I would like to invite you to join me for an exclusive event where we hear from those who have successfully led business transformation projects. This gathering will also provide a unique opportunity to network with peers and engage in discussions with industry experts.

I look forward to welcoming you on 14 November.


Michel Robert

Group CEO,
Epsilon Telecommunications

Why Attend

Meet the speakers

You get the opportunity to ask the questions that matter the most and engage with the thought leaders and change makers on the day

Like-minded networking

Network and exchange ideas with CEOs, CIOs, and business leaders facing similar challenges within digital transformation

Ignite Growth

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and rethink what can be effective for the enterprise moving forward

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Topics to Expect

Digital Transformation Success Stories: Gain valuable insights from leaders who have successfully navigated business transformation projects, learning about their journeys, lessons learned, and challenges overcome

Digital Tools & Technologies: Explore the digital tools and technologies needed for the enterprise to advance their digital transformation efforts

People and Culture: Often overlooked but playing a pivotal role. Listen to how experts foster a culture of innovation and create a conducive workplace for successful transformation.

Network Infrastructure: Connectivity serves as the linchpin for numerous significant digital transformation initiatives today. Discover how modern networks offer the flexibility, performance, and availability that all organisations require

Business Process: Business processes are rapidly changing, understand how  process is changing and reimagining business to meet changing business and market requirements.

Meet the Panelists

Dr Lucy Green
CEO | Larato
Dr Lucy Green is the CEO & Founder of Larato and has spent more than 20 years helping companies in various areas of technology innovation. She accomplishes this by combining strategic insight, structured methodology, and strong commercial intelligence. During our event, Lucy will facilitate the panel discussion, where attendees will have the opportunity to hear from those who have successfully led business transformation projects.


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Aidan Hancock
CIO | Johnson
Aidan Hancock is CIO at Johnson Matthey, a company at the cutting edge of net zero, and recognised as one of the most influential IT leaders and technologists in the UK. Previously CDO at Network Rail and BP, Aidan is focussed on accelerating the big transitions needed and steering how digital capability will drive and enable strategy. Aidan firmly believes that the key to successful digital transformation is enabling an organisation to adapt its culture to use technology to best effect.


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Kurtis Lindqvist
Kurt Erik “Kurtis” Lindqvist joined the London Internet Exchange (LINX) in 2015 and has been CEO since September 2019. Over the last 10 years, digital transformation has gone from a nascent trend to mission-critical and creating competitive advantage. He has spent over 20 years working actively in the Internet community and has a solid background in engineering and business development of ISP and worldwide carrier networks. Kurtis has served as an adviser to the Swedish Minister of Information Technology & Energy, cooperating with politicians including the Swedish Minister of foreign affairs, Carl Bildt.


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Nicola Gallacher
Cloud Solution
Architect | Microsoft
Nicola Gallacher is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect with over 10 years of experience across traditional and cloud computing. She has a deep understanding of Microsoft Azure and has worked with medium and large organisations across different industries, assisting them in achieving their growth and business objectives through effective utilisation of IT infrastructure. The key is for organisations to understand the value and the smart moves for digital transformation success.


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Mark Daley
Digital Strategy | Epsilon
Mark Daley is the Director of Digital Strategy at Epsilon. A veteran telecommunications professional, Mark served 14 years with Telstra and other high profile operators. He is a specialist in the field of technology innovation and intelligent network services portfolios. The market is being reimagined by AI in 2023, but next year some new disruptive forces will emerge. He is a firm believer that technology is no longer an isolated entity but an integral component intricately woven into strategic business plans that plays a central role in driving digital transformation success.


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CXO Networking Event - Register Now!

If you have specific questions you that you would like to discuss during the panel discussion, do write them down on the registration form.

14 November 2023

6.00 - 9.30pm

Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam St, London WC2N 6EZ, United Kingdom

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