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The SIP Trunk Federation enables Imagine Communications Group to rapidly deploy Unified Communications services globally for its customers across Western Europe

Dublin, 12 April 2017 – Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider, has announced Imagine Group, one of Ireland’s leading telecommunications providers, has joined the SIP Trunk Federation. The SIP Trunk Federation is a group of service provider partners that collaborate to offer seamless end-to-end SIP Trunking capabilities across the globe. By entering the Federation Imagine Group is able to extend the reach of its regional SIP Trunking solutions beyond its home markets and capture new revenue opportunities.

The SIP Trunk Federation provides Imagine Group with on-demand access to local and regional service providers around the world, enabling it to provision SIP Trunk requests beyond its borders and network boundaries. As a result, it can connect its locally hosted applications on a global scale and differentiate its service offering with end-to-end SIP solutions.

The SIP trunking market is growing rapidly but so far there has been no way for local and regional service providers to connect and efficiently serve the global needs of their enterprise customers. Our federation bridges that gap and provides a neutral location for service providers of all sizes the ability to interconnect and work together to grow their SIP Trunking businesses. Imagine Group are able to find partners with comparable services and rapidly roll out new international networks to create a global and unified SIP Trunk service.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon

Imagine Group offers fixed and wireless communications services to both business and residential customers throughout Ireland. It provides wireless services including 4G Fibre LTE broadband network, using the most innovative wireless technology in the world. The group also deliver a portfolio of voice and data products that are available across its network technologies throughout western Europe via its wholly owned subsidiary Coolwave Communications in the Netherlands.

As we begin to extend our service reach, the Federation will provide us with all the tools that we need to be successful while competing in the global SIP market.

Ronan HigginsCommercial Director at Coolwave Communications

The key to success for the SIP Trunk Federation is that members join and recognise the benefits of collaborating and working together. When service providers join forces, they can limit the risk of developing global SIP offerings and accelerate their growth. For global SIP Trunking to mature, service providers have to look at the most efficient and practical way to monetise SIP and that is exactly what the global SIP Federation does.

Imagine is an innovator in the telecoms industry and Epsilon’s forward thinking along with the world’s leading fixed wireless network is bridging the digital divide in Ireland at a pace and cost that greatly exceeds what can be delivered through traditional telecoms infrastructure and thinking and this partnership helps us deliver leading edge solutions to our customers.

Brian O’DonohoeCommercial Director and CFO at Imagine


Imagine Communications Group is a world leader in fixed wireless who are currently rolling out a national TD-LTE network in Ireland. The Irish owned Group has a history of innovation in its 25 year history, was one of the early members of GTI, and along with its leading position in Ireland it also has a pan European presence with its subsidiary Coolwave BV.

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Coolwave is a Dutch company whose offices are located in the Netherlands (HQ) and in Ireland. While Coolwave’s services are covering the major part of West-Europe  Coolwave Communications is a fully owned subsidiary of the Imagine Group, based in Ireland and represents the Wholesale division of Imagine.  The Total Communication experience envisioned by Coolwave Communications BV is brought to fruition by the Services Environment, an open, IP-based, modular architecture on which a wide variety of call completion, messaging and content services can be hosted.

Through cable, and other service providers Coolwave can increase revenues, strengthen customer loyalty. At Coolwave we provide Carrier Grade IP/VOIP and TDM. We also provide full VOIP-TDM integration. Coolwave Communications BV will utilize the latest VOIP and TDM technology/partnerships to Wholesale telephony services.

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