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What is Infiny by Epsilon?

Infiny by Epsilon is a comprehensive Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform for procuring and managing on-demand voice, data and local access services. It offers partners a web and API-enabled approach to global connectivity that delivers flexible, scalable and high performance networking from a single unified platform. 

What Services Can I Procure via the Infiny Platform?

Users are able to procure and manage Epsilon's services via Infiny's web-based portal, APIs and mobile apps, both Andriod and iOS. They can use the self-service platform to procure local, regional and global port-to-port, port-to-cloud and port-to-Internet Exchange, SIP Trunking, telephone inbound numbers and last mile DIA, SD-WAN services. 
  • Cloud Access
  • Data Centre Interconnect 
  • Enterprise Access
  • SIP Trunk Services 
  • Global Inbound Numbers 

How do I Gain Access to Infiny

Users are able to register for an account on Infiny.cloud

From the web portal, service providers gain complete visibility of their service status, usage, billing and other analytical data in real-time. Users can also choose to access Infiny via mobile apps available on both Android and iOS. There is also an option to use APIs to embed carrier grade communication services directly into their existing platforms via ‘infiny.io’.

An Epsilon rep will be happy to take you through the onboarding process, including the contractual and commercial frameworks including login process.

What Terms are Available on Infiny?

Connections to Cloud Service Providers can be as short as a day (maximum flexibility), a week, a month, six monhs to a year. Port to port connections are set to a year (for maximum discount). Connections can be set to 'auto-renew' to stay provisioned and 'roll' at the end of a (short) term. Other services may vary.