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Connect to KT Cloud via KT Cloud HCX

Experience private, scalable, and direct connectivity to KT Cloud.

KT Cloud
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KT Cloud Hyper Connectivity Exchange (HCX) Partner

What is KT Cloud Hyper Connectivity Exchange (HCX)?

KT Cloud is one of the largest cloud platforms in South Korea, offering highly secure, 5G-based cloud services. It has the largest network traffic in the country and is backed by global-level service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Connect to KT Cloud

As a KT Cloud delivery partner, Epsilon’s Cloud Connect service ensures high-performance direct connectivity from your IT infrastructure to multiple KT Cloud availability zones via our global private network.

With granular bandwidth options ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps, enjoy the flexibility to scale your cloud connections according to your requirements on-demand.

Cloud connect to KT Cloud

Easy On-demand Provisioning

Connecting to KT Cloud is made easy via our Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology. With Infiny, Epsilon’s award-winning platform, you can instantly provision, manage and monitor your connectivity to the cloud.

On demand provisioning with Infiny login page


Log into your Infiny account for on-demand provisioning

KT Cloud provisioning


Select the port location and bandwidth required to connect to KT Cloud


Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription, or contracts ranging up to 36 months


The Fastest Route to KT Cloud

Gain instant, direct connectivity to KT Cloud and other leading SaaS and Cloud Service Providers with Epsilon’s Cloud Connect service.

Leverage on our global, private network for secure cloud connections to KT Cloud for an enhanced experience while overcoming any vulnerabilities of the public Internet.

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A Single, Unified Platform
Gain complete control of your cloud connectivity to KT Cloud and a large range of leading or niche cloud and SaaS providers on Infiny, Epsilon’s software-defined networking platform.
A Secure, Private Network
Ensure that your mission-critical data and applications remain secure as you connect to KT Cloud with Epsilon’s Layer 2 MEF-certified Ethernet connectivity.
A Single Port for Many Services
Simplify your network design and management with a single port to aggregate an extensive range of services, plus flexible contracts to improve your ROI.
On-demand Scalability
Provision, scale, and monitor your Cloud Connectivity to multiple KT Cloud instances across different regions in real-time on Infiny.
Enhanced Performance and User Experiences
Enjoy improved availability and reduced latencies by connecting directly to KT Cloud via VLANs over HCX.
Extensive Global Reach
Connect to KT Cloud across multiple geographies whenever and wherever you need with our extensive and ever-growing global coverage.

KT Cloud Locations

epsilon partner KT Cloud
RegionCountryCityData CentreAddress
APACSouth KoreaSeoulMokdong-2323, Mokdongdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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