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Rethink Your Network Architecture and Reach Further
Your Gateway to Digital Ecosystems Around the World

Interconnecting between global data centre hubs is essential for expanding your network and business. These key facilities are what power the internet and drive the growth of digital infrastructure and services. Each data centre has its own community of tenants transporting data in and out of their facilities and using them as an interconnection meeting point for their network-critical partners.

We remove the need to manage multiple relationships globally and give you on-demand Ethernet services that is faster and more efficient. We’ve changed the game in Ethernet and our partners benefit from robust global connectivity delivered on-demand. It is a simple and powerful approach to global connectivity.

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Prasanna C

Product Deputy Director

Simple Interconnection with your Partners Anywhere in the World

Through Epsilon’s Data Centre Interconnect solution, you’ll be one interconnection away from reaching a rich partner community of network providers, internet exchanges, clouds and applications, content providers and businesses – bringing accessibility to hundreds more locations and services.

We make it simple to procure and manage ethernet services, giving you a solid foundation in the physical transport layer for delivering high-performance applications across multiple locations globally. 

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Application-Ready Physical Network

Today’s businesses require a physical network that supports the performance of the cloud resources and applications they have come to rely on. Our innovative approach to the provisioning and management of the physical network layer provides you with end-to-end access and control of all services and applications you need to stay competitive.  

Using our award-winning network as a service (Naas) platform, Infiny by Epsilon, you’ll benefit from a self-service model designed to accelerate your business connectedness all via a single port and interface. 

Last-Mile Connectivity

If you’re not present in one of our 250+ data centres across our global network, we’ll provide you with a last-mile circuit and port at a location convenient to you as part of our Data Centre Interconnect, end-to-end service.  

This is crucial to businesses that don’t want to worry about network cables and data centres, but still want the reach that Data Centre Interconnect can provide into the global digital services ecosystem to support their hybrid IT models.

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Delivering an Optimised End-user Experience for a Korean messaging unicorn

Epsilon and an Over-The-Top (OTT) Unicorn, who delivers one of APAC’s leading mobile messaging applications, collaborated to connect and optimise their messaging platform and deliver the best possible experience for end users. The Korean company’s free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones has been installed by 95% of smartphone owners in its home market, so it is critical that its users get the best service possible with no delays or complications.


Epsilon Upgrades It Global Network

The deployment will enable Epsilon to serve its partners with 100G connectivity on-demand via its Infiny platform. Partners will benefit from hyper-scale connectivity designed to support Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud around the world.

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The 4 Pillars of a New Era in Networking

Network services remain the Achilles’ heel for both enterprises and service providers. They need a model that is ready to deliver new levels performance as well as increased time-to-market, visibility and adaptability. The legacy model was built to support legacy services and in today’s Cloud-centric market the networking model has to be faster, more flexible and dedicated to enablement.

Epsilon Lights Up TY6 and @Tokyo in Japan

Customers who are already pre-connected to our network fabric will benefit from the extended reach into Japan whilst Japanese Carriers and Service Providers can now reach global destinations, world-leading Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges.

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Interested in our 
White-label Solutions?

If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio of network services with flexible, on-demand solutions, or divest in your own infrastructure and streamline your operations, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform and portfolio of services, is available as a white-label solution to managed and network service providers consulting or supporting on IT, network, cloud, digital transformation, communications, cybersecurity and more.