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Epsilon and Cato: Boosting Network Performance to China


China, with its large population and growing importance in the global economy, represents an opportunity not to be missed for many companies. Yet, the country presents several key challenges which companies need to overcome before they can fully tap the potential which China represents.

Strict local regulations, which require proof of compliance, have affected network availability and the quality of internet connectivity. Another challenge is high latency due to network policies which include data and application filtering. This leads to packet loss and network delays.

In addition, there are generally few end-to-end application service-level agreements (SLAs) in China. While the use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) is a popular solution to mitigate some of these challenges, it also presents new issues due to its dependence on the public internet. This is where companies like Epsilon Telecommunications and Cato Networks come in.


Epsilon Telecommunications is a global software-defined network provider that offers a range of end-to-end connectivity solutions on-demand through Infiny, an award-winning network-as-a-service platform. One of Epsilon’s key strengths is its ability to provide high-performance global connectivity to hard-to-reach places, including mainland China. This is a market which can be challenging to connect to due to regulatory restrictions and geographical factors. Epsilon and its partners have made significant investments in building direct connections to China’s major cities and continues to optimise its network for low-latency connectivity.

One of Epsilon’s key partners in providing robust network connectivity to China is Cato Networks. Cato is a leading cloud-based network security and SD-WAN provider that offers a unique “single-pass” architecture for its solutions. Unlike traditional solutions requiring multiple steps, this architecture performs routing, Quality of Service (QoS), access controls, and threat prevention in parallel, thus reducing latency and improving network performance. This is particularly important for businesses operating in China, where high-performance network connectivity can be a key competitive advantage.

Thus, with Epsilon’s excellent network connectivity and Cato’s state-of-the-art approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), companies can be assured of the best-of-class in end-to-end connectivity achieved by overcoming China’s connectivity issues. SASE is a cloud architecture which brings together network and security-as-a-service functions and combines them as a single cloud service.


Enhancing Direct Connections to China

Epsilon and Cato’s extensive global network of Points of Presence (PoPs) provides businesses with direct connections to China’s major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. With access to local resources and partners, businesses can be assured of high-performance, low-latency network connectivity to China.

Strengthening Cloud Connectivity to China

Many businesses are improving their operational efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging on cloud services. However, reliable connectivity to cloud services such as Microsoft 365 in China remains a challenge, due to regulatory restrictions and technical factors.

Epsilon has an extensive partner ecosystem of cloud service providers, including world-leading Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as niche cloud service providers such as Naver Cloud and Tencent Cloud. As a result, companies can get direct, secure connectivity to their cloud services or SaaS applications of choice to and from China.

Optimised Network Routing

Epsilon continuously optimises its global network, paying special attention towards providing superior connectivity to China. This includes leveraging multiple cable and fibre routes to ensure that traffic is routed efficiently and quickly between China and other regions. By enhancing network routing, Epsilon offers businesses with best-of-class connectivity to China, despite regulatory restrictions and technical challenges.

Advanced Security Features

Security remains a critical concern for businesses operating around the world, including China, as networks are not free from cyber threats and data breaches. Cato’s SASE single-pass architecture provides advanced security features, such as intrusion detection and prevention, firewalling, and content filtering, all in a single platform. This helps to reduce the risk of cyber threats and ensures that security policies are consistently enforced across the network. Together with Epsilon’s global network fabric, enterprises can achieve an optimised and highly secure solution that enhances network performance and connectivity across multiple locations, users, applications, and clouds.

Centralised Network Management

Managing a global network can be a complex task, but Epsilon’s Infiny platform makes it easy by providing a centralised network management. The Network as a Service (NaaS) solution enables businesses to easily manage network policies and security rules from a single interface. This simplifies network management and improves visibility into network traffic, enabling businesses to quickly detect and respond to potential issues.


Real World Success Stories

At a recent event hosted by Epsilon and Cato, several case studies were shared, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating Cato’s solution into the network infrastructure. A few key highlights are as follows:

After adopting Cato’s cloud-based SASE solution, Picanol Group experienced significant improvements in accessing Microsoft 365 applications, including an 8x improvement in data throughput and a 4x improvement in data transfer rates when accessing OneDrive data hosted in Amsterdam from China.

Various latency tests conducted in Shanghai and Shenzhen also demonstrated extremely positive results:

  • Website latency reduced by up to 44x
  • Website open times were approximately 54x faster
  • Latency to Microsoft 365 reduced by 16x
  • Average throughput on Oracle Cloud increased by up to 12x
  • Sharepoint download speeds were approximately 72x faster


Epsilon Telecommunications and Cato Networks can help businesses improve their network connectivity to China. By providing global connectivity, local PoPs, cloud connectivity, optimised network routing, advanced security features, and centralised network management, businesses can operate in China with confidence.

When faced with any network challenges, whether it is about speed, reliability, or security, you can rely on Epsilon to bring all the elements together to give you the solutions you need to succeed – bridging you even to hard-to-reach areas, and truly interconnecting your world.

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