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Unleash the Power of One

Deploy one or more Ethernet services via a single port instead of managing each resource separately.


One Port, Multiple Services

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Data Centre Connectivity

Data Centre Interconnection
Connect your mission-critical workloads across metros, countries and continents at the click of a button.

Virtual Point of Presence (VPOP)
Epsilon enables you to set up a virtual PoP instantly in our global network locations and connect to your end-users seamlessly

Cloud Connectivity

Bypass the internet and seamlessly connect your private infrastructure to the public cloud with our NaaS platform.


Keep your traffic local and your latency low by accessing to the world’s largest internet exchanges without the need for extra equipment or infrastructure through remote peering.


Gain direct access to our global service providers and enterprises through publicly available community ports, allowing you to reach new markets instantly.


Secure SD-WAN
Our SD-WAN solution delivers the security, visibility and control you need to connect and run your enterprise IT networks.

Last Mile Enterprise Connectivity
Seamlessly connect multiple enterprise locations around the world from a single source and reduce deployment costs.

IP Transit

Our network is designed for connections to multiple Tier-1 transit providers and internet exchanges, providing fault resiliency and extensive global IP coverage.


We provide you the interoperability between current and legacy technologies in emerging markets.

port portability epsilon multi-service port campaign

Port Portability

Gain the freedom to move your port to any location on Epsilon’s network fabric covering 280+ data centres around the world.

A leading interconnection fabric, you can add multiple services to your port including direct connectivity to the major cloud service providers, internet exchanges, and network service providers.

optimised end-to-end solution one stop epsilon multi service port campaign

Optimised End-to-end Solutions

Leave it to us to manage all of your network requirements from interconnection,  data centre cabling to last mile connectivity to managing connections to your office premises.

Eliminate the need to manage multiple network operators on your own so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Manage your port and services using our award-winning Infiny Network as a Service (NaaS) platform to seamlessly deliver local, regional and global connectivity and communications. Actively monitor the performance of your services with real-time analytics from anywhere.

Building a Flexible Foundation for Network Transformation

The demand for networking is ever-growing and rising rapidly. Be it putting together multi-region enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or accessing a number of public clouds, it is resource-intensive to manage multiple connectivity services and to move at the speed of today’s market.

The answer to flexibility, adaptability and efficiency management of an increasingly complex network? The Multi-Service Port.

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Here are some of the commonly asked questions we get

What is Epsilon multi-service port?

Epsilon’s multi-service port is a gateway connecting your applications and data to data centres, clouds, internet exchanges, SD-WAN in enterprise buildings, internet transit and even legacy technologies or ANYWHERE you want on our global network fabric!

Where can I purchase a port?

If you would like to purchase a port, kindly reach out to your account manager or reach out to us HERE!

What are the port capacities available?

Our ports are available in 1GE, 10GE and 100GE

Can I leave the cross-connection to Epsilon?

Definitely! Our customers have the flexibility to choose if they would like to handle cross-connection themselves or leave it to us to manage it end-to-end.

I would like to know more about the promo, who can I speak to?

If you would like to purchase a port, kindly reach out to your account manager or download our promotional flyer HERE!

I have an existing port with Epsilon, do I qualify for the promo?

This exclusive deal is only applicable for ‘new ports’. If you would like to move your existing port into this new pricing model, kindly reach out to your account manager.

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