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Gain control of your data and simplify how you connect
Interconnection is the key to innovation
With an increasingly dynamic and complex ICT ecosystem, a simple approach to interconnection is vital for success. Epsilon’s networking solutions put you in control of your data and networking infrastructure. We make it simple for you to connect, build new and innovative solutions, and support continual transformation in your or your customer's business.

We combine global connectivity, a growing interconnect ecosystem, and network orchestration so that you can rapidly build the solutions you need – providing you with everything you need to efficiently move your data and mission-critical workloads from A to B.

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Prasanna C 

The great thing about my work at Epsilon is how I can play a part in developing cutting edge connectivity solutions that transform the face of IT and communication landscape altogether. 

– Product Deputy Director

Global Network Solutions

Our networking solutions

Our solutions are built to serve the needs of carriers, managed service providers, data center operators, and enterprises. With a secure private network built across more than 260 data centers worldwide, a multi-service port offering, and an innovative on-demand connectivity platform, we’re able to deliver global network solutions of the very highest quality. Whatever your specific networking goals, you can achieve them quickly and easily with Epsilon Telecommunications.
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In the Cloud. Around the World 

From Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, and IBM, Epsilon’s Cloud Networking solutions make it simple to connect applications and services in the cloud and around the world.

Our business-ready Cloud Connect and Multi-Cloud solutions are designed to provide your organization with direct, carrier-grade connections to all of the major cloud service providers. With stable connections running over a highly secure private network, your security risks will be significantly reduced and the performance of your distributed applications will be greatly enhanced.

Enabling you to take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability that multi-cloud systems have to offer, our Cloud Networking solutions utilize a simple and repeatable cloud network architecture. So you can quickly build and deploy solutions that include native cloud networking constructs from multiple service providers.
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Local Peering. Global Reach 

With Epsilon’s Remote Peering solution, you can keep your traffic local and your latency low. Gain access to the world’s largest internet exchanges without the need for extra equipment or infrastructure. Our NaaS platform, Infiny, provides an on-demand and real-time experience to put you in control of your connectivity.

Our global network allows you to connect to thousands of strategically located peers across the world and create networking solutions that deliver industry-leading speed, performance, and stability. We have excellent relationships with all major global Internet exchanges — all of which you can gain direct access to using our Remote Peering solution.

Greatly improve the reach and performance of your own network without having to invest in any additional hardware or infrastructure facilities with Remote Peering from Epsilon. With a single point of contact for all the major exchanges, you’ll be able to achieve these improvements far more easily than would otherwise be possible.

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One Connection. Global Connectivity

Connect applications and services at the click of a button with Epsilon's Data Centre Interconnect solution. Move faster to meet new demands with a single connection to our global network fabric of over 260 data centers across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, South Africa, the USA, and Europe. We deliver low latency and low jitter Ethernet connections, with guaranteed application experience every time.

With click-to-connect functionality, our Data Centre Interconnect networking solution can quickly be scaled up or down as demand fluctuates, enabling you to keep close control of IT infrastructure costs at all times. Fast, stable connections to more than 600 cloud service providers and Internet exchanges ensure excellent performance across your entire network, and with guaranteed throughput, there will be no troublesome bottlenecks in network traffic.

Data Center Interconnect puts the power of a global data center network at your fingertips, without the associated costs of building new facilities and making new physical connections from your existing network infrastructure.

Global network connectivity via a single port 
Available in 1 GE, 10GE, and 100GE capacity, Epsilon's multi-service port acts as a gateway in connecting your applications and data. When you have a port with Epsilon, you can deploy one or more of Epsilon's networking services instead of having to manage each resource separately.

The ability to access cloud connectivity, data center connectivity, remote peering, secure SD-WAN, IP transit, EoSDH, Voice, and other networking solutions as you wish is what makes our multi-service port such a powerful resource. With a single port, you can access all of our global networking resources and create a virtual network infrastructure that meets your existing business requirements and can easily be scaled up to cope with future increases in network traffic. Also, you are able to freely move your port to any location in our vast global network, enabling you to maximize performance and stability gains.


MEF-certified ethernet service for reliable, secure and low latency connection


Scale and adapt to ever changing needs and demands


Procure and manage cloud connectivity through a single on-demand platform

Single Provider

A single provider offering direct connection to the world

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