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Epsilon SD WAN
with Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise

Build a modern WAN that drives maximum value from cloud and digital transformation initiatives.
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Epsilon SD WAN with Aruba is a Managed SD-WAN solution that offers intelligent WAN routing, optimisation, segmentation and application visibility and control.

Powered with Epsilon’s global network, it improves the performance and availability of your applications by dynamically routing applications to virtually any site and cloud.

aruba silverpeak unified platform

Unified Platform
Unifies SD WAN, security, routing and WAN optimisation on a single platform with near real-time visibilities on network performance

Aruba SilverPeak end to end segmentation

End-to-End Segmentation
Improve operational efficiency by dynamically pushing policy changes to thousands of sites across the network

aruba silver peak self healing

Continuous Self-Healing
Monitor your network and automatically adjust for changing conditions with an adaptive, self-learning platform

aruba silverpeak quality experience

Enhance Quality of Experience
Overcome packet loss, latency and jitter to deliver the highest levels of application performance.

Key Features

Epsilon Aruba SD WAN Edge

Physical or virtual SD WAN overlay on Epsilon global fabric network including Ethernet, DIA, Access and more

  • Tunnel bonding – pools multiple WAN transport links into a single logical connection that supports high availability for voice apps, and high quality for mission-critical SaaS
  • Traffic Shaping – Set maximum and minimum bandwidth limits on egress traffic shaping engine per traffic class and program ingress shaping to ensure that low-priority traffic does not override higher priority traffic.
  • Path conditioning –  performs forward error correction (FEC) to reconstitute lost packets without retransmitting them and correctly re-sequences packets that arrive out of order, thus improving internet connection performance
  • Dynamic path control – Performs realtime traffic steering over WAN links such as MPLS, internet and LTE based on company-defined policies. It monitors the health and performance of links and assigns the best paths to critical applications such as UCaaS traffic
  • Secure Internet Breakout – Steer trusted internet-bound application traffic from the branch directly to the internet intelligently, eliminating inefficient backhaul of all HTTP traffic to the data centre.
  • Zero-touch provisioning – Deploy SD-WAN at a branch office in seconds with a plug-and-play model
  • Best of breed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – Integrate seamlessly with leading cloud security solutions including Zscaler to create a secure access service edge architecture.

Epsilon Aruba Orchestrator

Offers full visibility, control and management of network including the unqiue ability to centrally assign policies based on business internet to secure and control all WAN traffic

  • Application visibility and control — identifies and classifies network traffic and intelligently enforces quality of service (QoS) and security policies in accordance with business intent (for example, prioritizing latency-sensitive applications like voice over IP and video conferencing)
  • Centralised reporting and orchestration — helps administrators troubleshoot network problems and manage QoS and security policies at remote locations

Epsilon Aruba WAN Optimization

Accelerates performance-sensitive applications and significantly reduces or eliminates repetitive data transmitted between the branch and the SaaS application for data intensive applications or large data sets

  • Latency Mitigation: TCP and other protocol acceleration techniques are applied to all traffic, minimising the effects of latency on application performance and significantly improving application response times across the WAN.
  • Data Reduction: Data compression and deduplication eliminates the repetitive transmission of duplicate data. Aruba EdgeConnect software inspects traffic at the byte-level and stores content in local data stores. Advanced fingerprinting techniques recognise repetitive patterns for local delivery. Data reduction can be applied to all IP-based protocols including TCP and UDP.


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