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Epsilon’s intelligent networking platform connects Digital Realty’s UK data centres and enables it to offer seamless, next-generation Cloud solutions.

Global data centre solutions provider Digital Realty and Epsilon are driving the convergence of flexible networking with multi-site data centre operations. Digital Realty is committed to delivering data centre solutions that meet the unique needs of each of its customers and is working with Epsilon to serve growing demand from Cloud and content providers. As a non-traditional player in the networking space, Digital Realty is leveraging Epsilon’s expertise in metro connectivity as well as its Global Network Exchange to create new value for customers. Increasingly Cloud and content providers are looking for a single source for their networking and data centre needs. Rather than procuring these services separately and integrating each component themselves, they are asking services providers to deliver complete solutions. Cloud and content providers want infrastructure services to be simple and easy to manage. They are looking for scalability without the complexity and want their infrastructure service providers to deliver a cohesive network and data centre ecosystem.



To meet the needs of Cloud and content providers, Digital Realty needed to add new networking capabilities to its service offering efficiently and effectively. It had the option to develop these capabilities internally but could see that this would be time and resource intensive. It would need to source new expertise and develop relationships with network providers across the UK and in the future around the world. Each step would take time and limit its ability to get to market quickly and tap the opportunity in Cloud and content. The organisation would also have to focus resource on a non-core element of its business, shifting attention from developing data centre solutions to creating a network offering. Digital Realty needed a way to develop new networking capabilities and get to market quickly, efficiently and with the expertise to match their own skills in the data centre market.


Digital Realty opted for an outsourced networking solution from Epsilon that leverages its 500+ carrier relationships and more than a decade of experience in simplifying networking for customers. Epsilon’s outsourced model relies on its Global Network Exchange of pre-connected network operators and allows it to rapidly procure network capacity for its customers. This means Digital Realty is able to outsource its networking needs to Epsilon who then tailors a network solution to meet its requirements. Epsilon used its Enterprise Connect solution to develop a last-mile network connecting two of Digital Realty‘s UK data centres in Chessington and Woking with key internet and metro gateway centres around the world. This initial deployment supports Digital Realty customers with a rapidly scalable capacity of up to 100G and facilitates on-demand switching of Cloud-based application workloads between data centres. The network platform was built on a dark fibre ring, architected by Digital Realty, and offers customers low-latency, protocol agnostic capacity. It is operated with a flexible bandwidth model that allows for connectivity to be configured within five working days. For Digital Realty adopting an outsourced network solution has delivered a low CAPEX route to market and new networking capabilities to meet the needs of Cloud and content providers.

Epsilon offered the simplest and most efficient way to connect our data centres and offer customers the capabilities they are asking for. It gave us an efficient and effective way to integrate networking into our data centre solutions and create new value for customers. The combination of a dedicated networking expert and global reach makes Epsilon an ideal long-term partner.

Bernard GeogheganManaging Director, EMEA at Digital Realty


  • Time-to-Market
    An outsourced networking solution meant that Digital Realty could integrate network capabilities into its offering rapidly and sell new services quickly
  • Efficiency
    An outsourced solution means experts are managing, monitoring and delivering the network capabilities that are required with low or no CAPEX
  • Flexibility
    The Epsilon model allows Digital Realty to change and develop its network offering without being tied to technologies or rigid service provider contracts
  • Scalability
    As demand for capacity grows, Epsilon can scale the network to meet the needs of the customer without needing new investments or long procurement processes
  • Simplicity
    Outsourcing network connectivity to Epsilon ensures that networking is simple, easy and productive
  • Intelligence
    Network intelligence offers end-to-end quality of service and delivers the network performance customers and their applications need

We solve complex networking challenges for customers and deliver simple and efficient solutions that help them to serve their customers. Data centre solutions providers have an opportunity in serving Cloud and content providers and we are here to ensure that delivering networking services is easy as well as profitable. Service delivery defines success in the ICT market and Epsilon has the specific expertise and technology to be the platform and outsourcing partner of choice for services providers globally.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


The establishment of points of presence in two of Digital Realty‘s data centre locations in the UK represents the initial phase of the deployment plan, which the company expects to extend across Europe. The company owns over 130 properties globally with a data centre portfolio spanning 32 markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Digital Realty customers will benefit from connectivity to 25 additional London metro gateways in the future, as well as interconnectivity to 500+ carrier, service, Internet exchange, OTT, cloud, content and local access providers connected to Epsilon‘s Network Exchange. Epsilon’s service portfolio includes managed networks, co-location, system integration, first line maintenance and access solutions for voice service aggregation.

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