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In 2015, we saw the development and delivery of cloud connectivity platforms and now we’re seeing enterprise adoption accelerate. By 2019, 30% of enterprise public cloud connections will be non-Internet-based, through cloud interconnects or direct WAN connectivity, up from approximately 5% today¹. Adoption is being driven by the simple fact that cloud connectivity platforms are faster and more efficient than traditional connectivity models.

On demand Ethernet delivered from a single automated online portal matches the needs of cloud services and what enterprises want. They eliminate slow and inefficient procurement processes and give enterprises new visibility into their network performance.

Here’s five ways cloud connectivity platforms can change your business:

1. Simplicity
Cloud connectivity platforms bring on demand Ethernet, networking monitoring tools and access to multiple cloud service providers to one online portal. The ecosystem is simplified making it easier to manage and control your cloud connectivity. You can access a range of cloud service providers through a single portal, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, as well as global internet exchanges.
2. Value
Managing complex infrastructure, particularly when it comes from more than one supplier, can be inefficient and resource intensive. A single cloud connectivity platform is far more cost effective, allowing you to reduce expenditure that you’d otherwise have to dedicate to procurement, management and monitoring of network infrastructure. 
3. Visibility
If you can’t see it and measure it, how can you be sure you’re getting value from your connectivity? The right global cloud platform will give end-to-end visibility into network performance including both quality of service and experience. With web-based self-service access to network infrastructure available 24/7, cloud connectivity platforms give you visibility and control over networking resources. 
4. Agility
Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from network infrastructure that is fast, flexible and ready to change with your business. The cloud demands new levels of flexibility as well as the ability to change quickly. A global cloud connectivity platform enables you to scale and adjust to support global cloud deployments. 
5. Quality
With the right cloud connectivity platform, you can monitor quality of service and experience and ensure your workforce has access to the services they need. This increases productivity and enables you to deliver reliable and consistent cloud services. Quality of experience is crucial for cloud services and having the right platform in place will enable your business to benefit from cloud.
2016 will be a pivotal year for cloud and cloud connectivity platforms. When connectivity is made simple, your business has the opportunity to focus on creating new value with cloud, knowing that the connectivity is taken care of. These are just a few of the benefits of cloud connectivity platforms. They make it worth exploring new ways of connecting your clouds.
¹Source from Strategic Planning Assumption, Gartner, Inc. (Jan 2016)
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