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Major cloud service providers (CSP), like Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, are increasingly expanding into local markets, and these hyperscalers are also building more and more data centres to keep up with demands.

According to Gartner, cloud computing has seen continued growth year-on-year, and according to, global spending on cloud services is expected to reach over $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020.

As CSPs continue to add new regions and zones, there are opportunities for network service providers to enable connectivity to these cloud services and help enterprises better manage them more efficiently. They can move their services closer to end users in local markets, and in turn, improve customer experience and success.

Now that basic adoption is so widespread, many organisations are seeking more developed cloud strategies with cloud-native technologies front and centre. Gartner also forecasted that worldwide IT spending was projected to total $4.5 trillion in 2022, an increase of 5.5% from 2021.

Digitalisation remains the recurring priority for many organisations which increases the number of investments in technology and transformation projects, with many aiming to becoming more cloud-first.

Keeping Up with Cloud Connectivity Demands

For service providers, keeping up with enterprise cloud demands can be a challenge. Enterprises often face architecture and skills gaps when trying to scale their cloud capabilities, which is where service providers must ensure they can provide flexible cloud infrastructure management and end-to-end expertise.

A multi-cloud approach enables enterprises to avoid vendor lock-in and result in better cost management – service providers need to find a partner that can give them cloud networking, security and the reach that match their enterprise customers’ needs and accelerate growth in local markets.

While many enterprises are realising the potential of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud models, most CSPs do not make it easy to expand to other cloud providers. On average, organisations today are using 3.4 public clouds and 3.9 private clouds.

This in turn drives demand for networking solutions that can combine native cloud constructs and transport services to scale the enterprise WAN. It is critical for enterprises to have control and visibility across their cloud operations with intelligent insights, while having automation and integrated security for greater simplicity and efficiency.

Enterprises need cloud networking that’s seamless to ensure their on-premises apps and tools, legacy systems and clouds can all work hand-in-hand.

All-Encompassing Cloud Connectivity

With the increasing need for speed and agility, enterprise cloud networking has becoming more complicated and difficult to manage. Enterprises have to consider service providers that can offer a full suite of cloud networking solutions that support the different stages of their cloud journey.

For example, Epsilon Cloud Connectivity is an over-arching umbrella of services for single, any-to-any and multi-cloud requirements. The portfolio provides comprehensive range of solutions ranging from Cloud Connect (Layer 2) to Cloud Routing (Layer 3) and Cloud Networking (multi-cloud connectivity) suitable for customers of all kinds.

We make it simple for enterprises to get on the cloud by using our network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform Infiny to directly connect to major CSPs within minutes. For those with multiple clouds, they can take advantage of Cloud Routing as a fully managed connectivity solution to manage their cloud environments.

Epsilon also offers a solution for enterprises with advanced multi-cloud requirement. The purpose-built Cloud Networking solution delivers a multi-cloud network platform that’s simple to use with automation, operational visibility and control.

Cloud networking benefits include:

Fast Deployment – Accelerate cloud network deployments to support the pace of business and app owners. You can move faster to meet demands at the click of a button.

Full Control – Deliver a multi-cloud network architecture with a common network data and operational control plane, to give you the control you need to succeed.

Security & Troubleshooting – Easily solve multi-cloud networking, security, visibility, and troubleshooting challenges that enterprise IT faces every day.

Simple & Visible – Through a single pane of glass, you can view your entire cloud network and simplify your cloud network operations. Gain full visibility to identify and resolve problems rapidly.

Operational Visibility & Reduced Mean Time to React – 14x reduction time to plan, build and deploy tasks, and a 7x reduction time on Day-Two operational tasks.

Epsilon Cloud Connectivity solutions are deployed on Epsilon’s private network backbone to ensure the best performance and network security. Beyond that, users are also supported by a team of engineers and cloud experts with commitment towards customer excellence.

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