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In 2021, we were focused on implementing the plans we developed to transform the business and make improvements in many areas. In 2022, we’re focused on refining, optimising and maximising the value of our customer relationships. Despite the challenging business environment, 2021 was full of milestones and an overall success for our business.

Now, we are kicking-off our next evolutionary phase with Epsilon 3.0.

I’m proud to say that our team has continued to pivot, adapt and thrive, even while working remotely and with limited international travel. The outcome has been happy customers that are growing their relationships with Epsilon.

There have been fewer face-to-face meetings, but I feel like we’re closer to our customers than we’ve ever been. We’re listening and collaborating to refine our service offering and are continuing to evolve our solutions based on customer feedback and productive engagement.

In 2021, we’ve added new skills to our team, expanded our portfolio with new partners to address the changing requirements of our customers. We built a foundation for accelerating growth and innovation at Epsilon, and now we’re ready to grow our business into new customer segments.

Our 2021 Milestones

We’ve been busy. Epsilon was acquired by KT Corp and Daishin Private Equity in September 2021, which is huge for our business. We have a new Board with deep telecoms experience and there are massive opportunities to collaborate with the team at KT. With South Korea’s leading telecommunications company as our parent company, we can combine our agile innovation in international networking with KT’s world-class services, industry expertise, customers, leadership, and resources.

There’s a great opportunity to support KT’s international enterprise customers, while also pursuing new opportunities with KT right behind us. KT is a great fit for Epsilon, and it opens all kinds of new doors for our team.

On top of this, we continued to put our recent company re-organisation into practice, and have seen our operations become even more streamlined and successful. In the latter part of 2020 we announced Epsilon 2.0, focused on the creation of three business units (Data, Voice and Colocation), three customer segments and operationally based in three core locations (Singapore, London and Sofia).

We got our Sofia office fully up and running last year and have seen brilliant results in response to client demands and market opportunities. Sofia is full of technical talent and has helped to take our operational efficiency and customer excellence to new heights as we enter Epsilon 3.0.

This is also evident in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) results, both externally and internally. Our 2021 NPS is 56, which is a great score around double the industry average in the telco space. Internally, our employee NPS has consistently improved over the past 18-months and the results position Epsilon in the top end of the e-NPS scores.

We have been working hard on further improving our internal communications and providing new opportunities for employees to go further within the business. It’s great to see our customers, partners and employees feeling happy and valued as we continue to work together to do great things.

2021 also saw the introduction of the Aruba EdgeConnect (Silver Peak) SD-WAN edge platform to our portfolio. Our customers can now deploy an industry-leading SD-WAN solution to simplify their WAN infrastructures and achieve greater visibility and control of data centres and cloud-hosted applications in a cost-effective way. Enterprises can deploy the unified SD-WAN solution over Epsilon’s global network fabric to connect to new sites and cloud service providers under a single contract.

We also consolidated our Cloud Connectivity portfolio into three core services – Cloud Connect, Cloud Routing and Cloud Networking. We’ve ramped up our cloud offerings over the last 12 months to provide the right solution for all kinds of customers. Our proposition is to enable customers in all stages of their cloud journey, providing a set of services that adds value to their business and help them grow in the cloud.

We continued to build momentum throughout the year and added new customers and partners including Lifeway SingaporePhenomen FilmsTokopediaTotal Information Management and SpaceDC, as well as an extension of our partnership with SEAX, amongst many other key achievements.

I’m also proud that Epsilon was recognised by Frost & Sullivan for addressing evolving customer needs with Infiny (our network as a service platform) – being awarded the Technology Innovation Leadership Award for Global Data Centre Connectivity Solutions. This is a testament to how far we’ve come with Infiny and a strong representation of all our hard work in making Infiny the best on-demand connectivity platform in the market.

Focus Areas for 2022

A lot of what we do in 2022 is going to be driven by our customers and partners. We’ve built our foundation, and now we can explore new opportunities and deliver more for customers through strategic partnerships and the continual evolution of our product portfolio.

Epsilon 3.0 is set to take off quickly in 2022 after building so much momentum over the last 12 months.

Here are our top priorities for the year ahead:

1. Creating New Customer Value
We are going to continue to listen and collaborating with customers to develop new solutions and refine customer journeys. The market is moving so fast that we have to be experts in aligning networking solutions with business objectives. It is critical that we don’t just sell a service, but instead look at how we can help customers achieve their goals. We’re well positioned to advise customers and help them to get the most out of their existing network services.

2. Growing Together with KT
This year will see us continue to evolve our relationship with KT to better serve our customers across our combined footprint. We are keen to work together to support more international enterprises, as well as extend the reach and opportunities for existing Epsilon customers – particularly in South Korea.

3. Partnerships to Grow Our Portfolio
We are continually adapting our solutions according to customer demand and will have a stronger focus this year on SD-WAN, Cloud Networking and Security. These are the key areas we need to grow for our customers, and we are looking forward to bringing more exciting partners on board to help us offer the best possible solutions on a global scale. Partners will help us to rapidly deliver new solutions and continue to shape our offering for customers.

4. Optimising Enterprise Journeys
We’re continuing to refine and develop our Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Infiny while expanding our enterprise connectivity solutions to accelerate network transformation for enterprises. We want enterprises to seamlessly adopt new networking models and see the benefits of software-defined networking. Through 2022, we’re going to be simplifying and accelerating how enterprises engage with our business and provide networking insights and expertise that make it easy to transform how they connect their applications, services and data.

5. Staying Focused
I might say this every year, but it remains fundamental to our success and how we serve customers. Our three core segments are enterprise, carrier and channel customers. We have been working hard to better focus our strategy and solutions for these target customers, and 2022 will see us refine this strategy in more detail. We are particularly placing a bigger focus on our product offerings for enterprise customers, in response to changing demands from this segment.

This Time Next Year

Epsilon will be stronger in terms of our portfolio and global reach, as well as offering more to our employees. Personal development opportunities continue to be a priority in our organisation, and we are determined to give our employees the support they need to grow.

For our customers and partners, they can expect access to a wider range of services and greater coverage worldwide, supported by KT Corp. Our product portfolio will be richer and more comprehensive, as well as being increasingly tailored to different customer needs. We’ll have the capabilities to serve larger and more dynamic customers worldwide and will dedicate even more time and resources to respond to the changing needs of customers in our evolving business landscape.

Every year, we deliver a stronger and more dynamic Epsilon that is ready to serve customers across the globe.

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