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One of the biggest challenges with the legacy networking model is that interfaces between Service Providers were not designed to be user-friendly. Processes were slow and service management and monitoring were clunky.

In the Cloud-era network services need to be seamless with provisioning, managing, monitoring and billing delivered from one simple platform. Cloud Connectivity should be as easy to access and deploy as the Cloud-based applications it serves. The network can’t be the weak link in the Cloud ecosystem and Cloud Connectivity platforms need to be intuitive and easy to use.

When we developed our Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX) platform, we looked at how we could deliver high performance networking but with the ease of use of any other eCommerce platforms. We wanted to take the friction out of the process of procuring and managing services and make it simple to connect to the Cloud. That removed the limits on who could use our platform and what kinds of businesses could benefit from it.

We believe for a Cloud Connectivity platform to be successful, it has to deliver:

  • Anywhere Anytime Access –CloudLX delivers access to provisioning, management, monitoring and billing from any web browser anywhere in the world. It has been designed to be as easy to use as any web app with a look and feel familiar to any web user. 
  • Point-and-Click Provisioning – Our dashboard reduces the number of steps it takes to turn up a service and enables users to easily select how and where they want to connect. With basic drop down menus, users can see their connectivity options and select them. There’s no barriers between them and getting connected to the Cloud. 
  • Graphing and In-Depth Visibility – Our dashboard offers instant access to information about services, ports, alarms and portal activities. It delivers graphing that makes tracking service performance simple and easy to understand while allowing you to download graphs for sharing across your organisation. We visualise network behavior so that you can see jitter, frame loss, latency and unavailability. 
  • Mobile-Ready – Our dashboard benefits from responsive design meaning that when you log on using a browser on a smartphone, CloudLX will be optimised for use on a mobile. This means that when you’re on the go or in a meeting you can access CloudLX from a mobile device and get the same experience you would on a desktop. 
  • Alarms – Alarms can be created to notify you if there’s a loss of signal or if a link to a Cloud Service Provider goes down. These alarms can be shared across email and mobile so that you are always aware of how your service is operating. 
  • Detailed Billing – Billing information can be accessed via the dashboard including estimated billing for the month as well as graphs breaking down customer spend, spend by service and month-by-month costs. This helps with managing ongoing costs and understanding what customers and services are the most profitable.

Although CloudLX’s backend is where the complex and intelligent processes take place, it is the dashboard that brings it to life and delivers a seamless user experience. If you’d like to know more about how our dashboard is accelerating Cloud Connectivity, please get in touch:

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