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Achieving Edge-to-Cloud Security Excellence

24th August 2023, Thursday | 4pm - 7pm | Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

In today’s dynamic work environments, applications, IT infrastructure, and employee work locations are increasingly distributed. This necessitates strong network connectivity and security solutions to ensure optimal performance for all users and devices.

Join us for an exclusive event highlighting the latest advancements in networking. You will gain valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies like Zero Trust and SASE, that can enhance your network infrastructure and secure your digital operations

Event Agenda

3.30pm – 4pm

4 pm – 4.10 pm
Opening introduction
Warren Aw, Manager Director | Epsilon Telecommunications

4.10 pm – 4.30 pm
Embracing a Unified SASE Solution: The Importance and Steps to Get Started

Marc Wee, Channel Leader, Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong
Country Manager, Singapore | HPE Aruba Networking

4.30pm – 5pm
Empowering Role-Based Policies for Enhanced Control with Clearpass
Ha, Duc Binh, System Engineer Manager | HPE Aruba Networking

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Familiarise yourself with Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control, an advanced solution that streamlines network access management, automates policy enforcement, and improves network visibility. Explore the capabilities of ClearPass, which enable you to securely connect and manage devices, users, and applications, ensuring a seamless and protected user experience.

5 pm – 5.30 pm
Exploring Next-Generation Capabilities with EdgeConnect SD WAN
Budiman Ong, Consulting Systems Engineer | HPE Aruba Networking

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Learn how Aruba SD WAN has revolutionised traditional wide area networking by simplifying network management and boosting performance. Explore its robust features, such as application-centric routing, centralised control, and real-time analytics, which enable unparalleled agility and efficiency for your organisation.

5.30 pm – 6 pm
Unlocking the Potential of Axis Security for Seamless SASE Implementation
Budiman Ong, Consulting Systems Engineer | HPE Aruba Networking

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Discover the Axis Secure Service Edge (SSE), a comprehensive networking solution that seamlessly integrates network security and wide area networking into a unified platform. Gain insights into how SSE can deliver secure connectivity and robust access control for your distributed network, offering steadfast protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

6pm – 7pm
Networking with Peers and Industry Experts

Guest Speakers

Marc Wee

Marc Wee, Channel Leader, Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong, Country Manager, Singapore | HPE Aruba Networking

Experienced in cybersecurity professional specialising in protecting digital assets, with over a decade of expertise in developing robust security strategies, implementing advanced technologies, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Budiman Ong

Budiman Ong, Consulting Systems Engineer, Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong | HPE Aruba Networking

Highly skilled data scientist with a strong background in machine learning and statistical analysis. He excels in extracting actionable information from complex datasets, leveraging data to drive business insights and innovation.

Ha, Duc Binh

Ha, Duc Binh, System Engineer Manager | HPE Aruba Networking

A dynamic professional with a diverse background in leadership and strategy. With a proven track record of driving growth and organisational success, he has excelled in senior management roles across various industries. 

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