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We had built tremendous momentum in 2018 and focused on transforming our network and global infrastructure. As we take big leaps forward in 2019, we will be focused on continual transformation and the on-going evolution of our business. This transformation is about adapting and shaping our infrastructure, operations and our business culture to meet the needs of network-centric businesses today and into the future.

I am extremely proud of our team for executing on our vision for hyper-scalable, software-defined, Carrier-grade networking. Throughout the year, we have added new capabilities and built up our infrastructure to support new kinds of customers and emerging technologies. All our work in 2018 is really about setting us on a path to evolving our organisation this year.

In May 2018, we announced our deployment of 100G on-demand across our global backbone. The phased deployment enables us to support the capacity demands driven by the Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the globe. Our partners can now click-to-connect 100G services on our Infiny portal and scale their networks in the long-term.

At the same time, we expanded our Global Interconnect Fabric with new Points of Presence (PoPs) across North America, Africa, Asia and partnered with world-leading Cloud Providers and Internet Exchanges (IX). We now have over 100 PoPs globally with on-ramp to all major Cloud Providers as well as on-demand access to LINX NoVA, France-IX, BBIX, AMSIX Hong Kong, MASS-IX and many more via Infiny.

Our ecosystem of partners is more robust than it has ever been, and customers and partners are able to connect the world from a single platform.
One of the most exciting news from 2018 was our partnership with DCconnect, an industry-wide milestone where we interconnect SDN platforms to give our customers and partners seamless access to new destinations in China. While Infiny users saw new destinations in China become available on the portal, DCconnect’s SD-Cloud Express users also gained access to Epsilon’s Global Interconnect Fabric. Anyone can self-register on Infiny and connect to more than 118 data centres and three Cloud Providers in China.
Infiny has come a long way in just under two years. We saw sharp growth in self-registered users in 2018 as we continue to expand our reach and add new capabilities using APIs.
All of the progress we have made with our network infrastructure and Infiny in 2018 was capped off with two Global Carrier Awards for “Best SDN/NFV Deployment” and “Best Customer Testimony”. These awards recognised our team for their innovation as well as customer service excellence.
For me personally, that is the best mix of awards. Our people in the IS team and product managers are executing behind the scene while marketing, sales and customer support bring the solutions to the customers and partners.
Priorities in 2019
Today, we have the platform and the infrastructure in place. It is now time to use them to enable more network-centric businesses to innovate and achieve their goals. We are continually transforming our business so that our customers and partners have simple and powerful networking solutions that match their needs and ambitions. We have a proven model that will evolve to be even more in tune with what they want to achieve.
  • Serving New Segments – We are ready to serve a whole range of network-centric businesses from OTT and XaaS providers to App Developers and Enterprises. Each segment has unique requirements that we can fulfil with on-demand, more flexible and agile networking. They are crying out for a better networking model and we are able to address these business pain points with our Infiny SDN platform.
  • Enabling New Technologies – Across the industries, the next step in digital transformation is being held back by networking. We have the scalability and speed to enable the deployment of IoT, AI and new Cloud-based applications and services. We must be focused on removing the limits to a truly digitalised future. APIs seamlessly integrating solutions into existing platforms. Automation delivering new agility in networking. Visibility and transparency giving users full control over their services.
  • Transforming Data Centre Connectivity – We will make a strong push into the Data Centre Interconnect market and become one of the leading SDN providers for metro Ethernet Data Centre connectivity. There’s a massive opportunity to transition legacy Data Centre connectivity to an automated and on-demand model. Our offering enables customers and partners to connect across any Data Centre ecosystem and frees network-centric businesses to connect their Data Centre across the globe with a single provider.
  • Moving with Speed – We have to move with speed in 2019. It is critical that we develop solutions that match the needs of each segment and grow them faster than ever before. There should be greater urgency, creating agile roadmaps that take weeks instead of months. We are connecting our partners and customers to data centres globally while offering access to Cloud and IX. At the same time providing an end-to-end connectivity solution for all kinds of businesses.
  • Analytics and the Feedback Loop – We are building new intelligence into our sales and marketing approach. By capturing data on how our services are being used by who and where, we have created a feedback loop between sales and marketing to drive the development of better products. We are now supported by data to make faster and more precise decisions. Sales figures are only one data set. They don’t tell the whole story about what is working and why. Using the intelligence, we will be able to enhance and build even better solutions.
  • Staying True to Who We are – Throughout our continual transformation, we have to remain focused on our mission. No matter which segment we serve, our business is always about making connectivity simple and delivering customer service excellence. In this age of digital consumers, customer experience is more important than ever. We must to continue to explore new ways to optimise the experience for our customers, and that will become our strongest differentiator.

This Time Next Year

By the end of the year, we will be successfully serving more network-centric businesses to experience a new networking model, from Carriers and Data Centres through to XaaS providers and Enterprises. We will be a market-leading metro Ethernet SDN platform that enables these businesses to connect and optimise their applications and services on-demand and around the world.

Our platform will have new and better capabilities driven by the data and analytics captured throughout the year. Our solutions will be able to address the needs of each segment while more of our customers and partners will see networking as a positive force of change in their business.

I personally would like to hear our customers and partners say, “Epsilon has an amazing suite of solutions and delivers excellent customer service”. Beyond the targets, that is what I really want to see by the end of the year. Customers and partners recognising us for our best-in-class solutions as we deliver an end-to-end customer experience in their journey with us. It is only then can we say that our transformation has been a success. 2019 is going to be an exceptional year.

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