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Epsilon took home the Best Cloud Innovation award at the Global Carrier Awards in Paris in November 2015. We were recognised for innovation for our Cloud Link eXchange (CloudLX) platform, which has been designed to support data centre operators and enterprises with on-demand network infrastructure that they can use to underpin their cloud services.

The Cloud Innovation Award is a great step forward for CloudLX and really positions us to grow our platform in 2016 and beyond. We’re particularly proud of it because it underlines the importance that innovation has played in our business since we launched more than 13 years ago. We’ve always believed that it is important to take a long-term view of the market and invest in products and services that can evolve to serve new and emerging needs in the market.CloudLX is the culmination of more than a decade of hard won experience in outsourced network services. The growth of our global network, and developments have all contributed to where we are today. CloudLX is a natural extension of these and other activities, pulling together a number of innovations into one place to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The award also shows that Epsilon is in tune with how cloud has shifted enterprise priorities. What enterprises need right now is not just on-demand access to infrastructure, but also the ability to see and manage their networks efficiently. Traditional cloud connectivity models are simply not fast enough to keep up with cloud rollouts, and do not have the flexibility to change and adjust as user demands in different locations evolve.
Epsilon’s CloudLX innovates in a number of important ways, by providing:
  • Simplification: It eases the procurement and management of cloud connectivity to data centres and enterprise locations globally. Through a web-based portal, enterprises can connect their locations to cloud services and scale services up or down at will.
  • Flexibility: CloudLX enables the monitoring of quality of service and experience in near real-time, supporting hybrid cloud scenarios and offering the full combination of public IP access and private Ethernet WAN.
  • Cost saving: Enterprises no longer need to develop teams to procure and manage network infrastructure thanks to an almost entirely offline approach of building relationships and negotiating for capacity.
  • Intelligence: CloudLX has a scalable model, global reach, and offers quality of service and experience, all based on intelligent networking technology. 
  • Global reach: While other services depend on a handful of carriers, Epsilon has more than 500 network operators that can enable the delivery of local access networks around the world. 

Over the last 12 months, we have invested more than a million dollars in portal development, building partner relationships, and adding further automation to our procurement processes. We have also invested in reshaping our sales teams to match the needs of the cloud, and in developing skills beyond selling point-to-point connectivity. The result is a platform that truly simplifies networking for the cloud and makes network resources as easy to manage as any cloud-based IT service.

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