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In 2017, Epsilon took a big step into the future putting into action our vision for a Global Cloud-centric network. Our team have worked tirelessly to deliver advanced levels of network automation, increasing scale, simplicity and agility in our services. This year we moved faster than ever before, grew our partner community and remained committed to delighting our customers with our connectivity products and services.

I’m extremely proud of the team and the success we’ve had this year. More than anything else, I’m excited about the future possibilities that Cloud transformation presents with every aspect of our lives today being enhanced through technology and automation none of which is possible without connectivity. We’re focused on creating real and long-term value for our partners, be they start-up entrepreneurs and developers through to the largest Service Providers and data centres in the world.

We’re big believers in customer service excellence. In 2017, we brought innovative solutions to market but we also took the time to ensure that our partners were getting the best service. That’s what matters most to us.

2017 has been an incredible year of transformation for our business. We saw what we’re capable of and now in 2018, we can do even more to innovate in Cloud-centric networking and accelerate our partners’ growth.

New Beginnings: Infiny by Epsilon

In March, we launched our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform and really kicked off the next phase of Epsilon. Infiny is the centrepiece of our business and will be a driver for our long-term development.

We learned from our success and our failures and poured this experience and expertise into the development of Infiny. The Infiny launch was the product of more than a decade of iteration and evolution in our business. Since our start in 2003, we’d been on a path towards Infiny and we’re extremely proud to have brought it to market in 2017.

It was excellent to launch it at Capacity Middle East with du in Dubai. du is a great example of a business that is continually adding to its ecosystem and exploring new services that will benefit its customers. It became the first provider in the Middle East to offer on-demand connectivity and has taken a leadership position in the Cloud and software defined networking.

For Epsilon, Infiny marks the starting point for a whole new wave of innovation for both our business and our partners. We see Infiny as a dynamic interconnect ecosystem that is fast changing, adapting and growing.

Our biggest reward has been the continued momentum behind Infiny and the growing number of partners that are benefiting from its capabilities. Throughout 2017, we saw partners across the globe deploy it and rapidly monetise on-demand connectivity. When they grow, we grow and the ecosystem grows stronger. That’s a core Epsilon value and we see it expressed with Infiny.

North American Launch

Early in 2017, we also launched our North American operations deploying our first USA Colocation sites in New York and the rollout of our Infiny platform from coast to coast. Across the US, we’re seeing strong partnerships being developed in major hubs but also across regional markets.

North America remains the leader in Cloud adoption and innovation and it is central to our growth strategy. There are a lot of local partners that can benefit from a comprehensive on-demand connectivity fabric that goes beyond basic Connectivity and delivers a diverse set of Cloud-centric networking solutions.

It’s been really exciting to witness the growth and development of the local team in our Long Island office and the value we’re creating for local partners. We’ve made a lot of new friends and spent time to understand the local dynamics. There are many opportunities for us to reach new partners and continue to expand our presence on the ground in North America.

Priorities for 2018

Our priorities in 2018 are focused on digital transformation, nurturing talent and continuous connectivity evolution. We want to build on our core strengths and double-down on our successes from last year. There are six key areas that we will prioritise in 2018:

  • Growing Our Ecosystem – In 2018 we are going to be focused on super-charging our Cloud Service Provider (CSPs) and Internet Exchange (IXs) relationships. We will be expanding our Peering and IX relationships globally to give our partners greater reach and access.
  • Ubiquitous Automation – Rapid scale, needs highly automated capabilities. We will be driving automation across our network and exploring new ways to innovate in our services, operations and processes. This is critical as the market moves to support technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and Cloud. We have to move faster and with more agility to ensure our partners’ success.
  • Greater Capabilities in Infiny – As I mentioned, Infiny is an active and growing platform. We are going to continue to add new products and services to the platform while growing its functionality. We will be focused on increasing Infiny adoption, offlining legacy, and following a Cloud and Platform, native philosophy. This continued evolution is fundamental to the platform and its future.
  • Serving the Global Channel – We are going to be announcing some very exciting news about a partner programme in Q1 2018. I’m a big believer in the channel and I think Cloud-centric networking delivered via the channel will be a tremendous opportunity for our partners.
  • Expanding Our Skills Internally – We are also launching an internal training programme in Q1 2018. I think it is critical that every one of us understand today’s market, its challenges and the opportunities we are helping our partners pursue. We want everyone on the same page with a clear idea of our purpose and our values. The results will be seen in our customer service.
  • Innovating in APIs – I think APIs represent a huge opportunity in 2018. We want to be forefront in API networking and ensure that we support their growth and development across the telecoms ecosystem. I see APIs as a powerful driver for growth in our business as well as the path to truly friction-free networking on a global scale.

This Time Next Year

Overall, our services need to keep pace with technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities. That’s the key to the future. We are creating connectivity services that enable these technologies. We hope that this time next year each one of our customers and partners will be in a better position to adopt, deploy and enjoy an innovative connectivity experience and we think that’s incredibly exciting.

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