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Epsilon celebrates 20 years of interconnectivity

In 2023, we’re celebrating Epsilon’s 20th Anniversary and looking ahead at the next 20 years of our business. Together with our customers, partners, and peers in the industry, we have been on an incredible journey that has seen Epsilon evolve from a start-up launched in a coal shed in London, to a global connectivity provider with the backing of KT, a world-leading telecommunications company.

As the market evolves, we’ve adapted our business to remain laser-focused on our customers’ needs. We’ve continued to innovate and deliver solutions that simplify networking across an ecosystem of applications, users, and locations. It is part of our DNA.

The first service Epsilon delivered was four E1s from Telehouse East to Madrid. Since then, we’ve been exploring new ways to connect and optimise our customers’ businesses with efficient and trusted solutions. In the mid-2000s, we launched optical cross connects in London which not only disrupted the market, but enabled more service providers to access the services they needed with a cost-efficient model. We further expanded our offerings, launching our first colocation facility in 2008 and building and deploying a smart international voice and data network to serve our growing international customer base.

Over the years, Epsilon has consistently delivered and evolved pragmatic solutions. After adding Ethernet to our offering in 2006, we developed the service further with automation and orchestration. Our CloudLX platform was introduced in 2015, providing customers with on-demand connectivity and direct access to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). That eventually evolved into our award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Infiny, which we are continuing to enhance and develop today.

More than just the milestones, this shows our mindset of innovation and forms our foundation as a business. We never stop learning, listening, adapting, and growing – there is always momentum and something new happening at Epsilon. This is rooted in our business culture. Everyone can influence our product development, internal workflows, or other aspects of our business. We are always open to receiving feedback from our customers and employees. This keeps us exploring and evolving.

Delivering New Milestones in 2022

Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked closely with KT to integrate and expand our offerings. We’re already serving international requirements for many of KT’s enterprise customers. Key relationships across public sectors, transportation, financial services and hyperscalers show the value that Epsilon can bring to KT’s customers.

We now have a nationwide footprint across KT’s network infrastructure with seamless access to connectivity and colocation services in South Korea via our three Points of Presence (PoPs) across Seoul. We can provide our customers with access to local digital infrastructure, where they can connect on-demand to South Korea’s only neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator, KINX, via our Infiny platform, and access Ethernet and Direct Internet Access (DIA) services across South Korea.

We’ve also integrated KT Satellite into our offering. This gives customers access to Asia’s largest satellite teleport and five operational satellites, covering 60% of the world’s population. Satellite services add to our connectivity mix and provides customers with a single solution provider for their end-to-end networking needs.

Epsilon is going beyond the basics in multi-cloud – we are one of the few international providers offering connectivity to such a large ecosystem of cloud service providers. In addition to leading global cloud service providers including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, we’ve added niche providers to our ecosystem including KT Cloud, KINX IXcloud, NHN Cloud, Naver Cloud, and Tencent Cloud.

We’ve also expanded our data centre footprint to Seoul, and now offer colocation services at a carrier-neutral facility in Seoul operated by our partner, KT Cloud. This will join our existing portfolio of Epsilon Global Hubs in London, New York, and Singapore.

There’s been a tremendous amount of work in terms of customer experience. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) grew to 57 in 2022, greatly surpassing the industry average. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and our continual commitment to pushing our business forward.

As we look ahead to the new year, we will be focusing on five key priorities.


Five Priorities for 2023

1. Stay Close to Customers

To ensure that customers have the support they need throughout every step of their journey with Epsilon, we’ve developed dedicated customer service teams and are integrating our support capabilities with KT’s customer service teams. Our commercial teams in APAC and EMEA/US are dedicated to staying close to our customers to meet their needs. On top of this, we will continue to closely align our Customer Experience, Product and Sales teams, and ensure that our offerings remain compelling, relevant, and always meet our customers’ changing requirements.

2. Expand Our Solutions Set

In 2023, we will be providing higher bandwidth data centre interconnect services to cater to increasing customer demands for capacity. Our ecosystem of clouds, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers and Internet Exchanges will also continue to grow. Network connectivity will be extended to SaaS platforms including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Webex and Oracle. Customers can also expect to see enhanced security services added to our portfolio to complement our SD-WAN offerings, plus the development of SMS and Microsoft Teams-related voice networking services.

3. Collaborate with KT

We will continue working closely with our parent company KT to grow the business and position Epsilon as the gateway into the South Korean market through our services. We will also be supporting the KT Enterprise sales teams with their international requirements using Infiny and our expansive global network.

4. Optimise Infiny

A key priority for us is to evolve and improve Infiny into the platform that our customers and partners require. With KT utilising Infiny for their own customers’ international requirements, we will be shaping the platform to meet the needs of our combined customer footprint globally. We will develop the platform to present the full Epsilon portfolio to our customers and prospects, so that everything will be readily available in one single portal.

5. Invest in Our People

Our people make Epsilon, Epsilon. We value everyone’s ideas and will continue to focus on their development to drive both employee and customer satisfaction. Team collaboration is strongly encouraged to make Epsilon even greater, and we will be providing more opportunities for training, personal development, and progression throughout the year.


The Next 20 Years

There has never been more potential in our business than today. We have the Team, DNA, and resources to adapt and grow our business in the long-term. As technology and the market moves, we’ve built a solid foundation for the continual transformation of our business. Customers can rest assured that they will benefit from the same trusted solutions, seamless experience, and support as we grow together.

The greatest opportunity lies in unlocking new potential through our relationship with KT, which has been evidenced in the past 12 months. In a relatively short space of time, we’ve integrated and expanded our offerings – this demonstrates how the two companies can work together to deliver for customers. As we plan and look at how we can take the relationship to another level, it’s exciting that there really are no limits on the solutions and experiences we can deliver for customers.

Here’s to the next 20 years of building a bigger and better Epsilon together to interconnect your world.  A big thank you to our customers, partners and colleagues – onward and upward!

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