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As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, the human touch in customer experience can sometimes be forgotten. Most services are now available at the palm of our hands and with a few simple clicks, we can get everything we need without speaking with anyone.

Customer service and experience in today’s world have become more complex and multi-faceted. The need to satisfy customers across multiple channels and staying ahead of their demand have driven businesses to explore new ways to enhance these experiences across different touch points.

Keep our customers smiling

At Epsilon, we are focused on keeping our customers happy and ensuring their experience with us is consistent – be it on Infiny, over service support or through account managers. It is about doing whatever it takes to bring the best and consistent end-to-end service experience to our customers in any region.

That is why we have been conducting surveys for our customers. Using the net promoter score (NPS), we can better understand how our customers view us and where we can improve on.
Net promoter score or NPS, is a tool to help organisations understand the loyalty of the customer. This is different from a traditional customer satisfaction research that was long and cumbersome for customer to complete and the company to act upon. It is also known that revenue growth has been linked to NPS.
How do we fare?
According to the 2018 NPS benchmark report, the telecommunications industry scored the lowest average industry rating of 24. This is not unusual since customers of telecom companies expect the highest standards when it comes to ensuring excellence in service delivery, quality and experience.
In 2019, Epsilon scored an NPS of 29. The low scoring reminded us that we needed to step up our efforts in delivering better customer service experience. This year, we are happy to share that we have achieved a much-improved score of 56, breaking above the industry average.
What have we done to differentiate our services?
– We introduced a centralised Customer Services Team based in Sofia, Bulgaria with regional support functions due to time difference and language.
– Restructuring of the sales teams by customer segment.
– Creation of the Solution Design team to engage with customers in the design of services as well as work with Epsilon’s Product Management and Engineering Teams in the evolution of the data interconnection portfolio.
– We continue to hire, train and retain the right technology and customer focused talents within each Epsilon office location globally.
– ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2005 accredited
– Updated Epsilon internal processes with focus on more accurate customer facing updates (from both 24/7 Operational and Service Delivery functions).
– Working closer to and enhancing the relationship with our third-party suppliers and vendors to ensure prompt incident resolution.
Service Management Product
– Introduction of a Service Management product as an additional layer of customer experience in the end-to-end customer operational journey
– In-house development teams, including 7D working to improve systems, including Infiny.
– The addition of some key system enhancements to assist different customer services teams:
     – New 24/7 monitoring dashboards for better event and incident management.
     – Updated reporting across different functions for better management overview and prompt incident resolution or service implementation.
    – Introduction of new system developments for capacity management.
    – New systems and tools supporting end-to-end customer experience, including proactivity.
– Enhanced APIs between internal systems.
We see customer service as an intrinsic part of how our business operates. It’s linked to all our products, systems, teams and internal business processes. All of these elements are constantly being refined to ensure an elevated customer experience. That’s what makes us different from the rest.
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