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Users now gain real-time access to DOSarrest's suite of Cloud-based security services, enabling them to connect and protect their businesses

New York, 7th August 2018 – Epsilon, a privately-owned global connectivity and communications service provider, was selected by DOSarrest Internet Security to deploy Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform and accelerate access to its Cloud-based security solutions. DOSarrest will use Epsilon’s Global Interconnect Fabric to rapidly support connectivity to their services and interconnect with other Infiny users to deliver their solutions across the globe.
DOSarrest’s customers can now connect to their services through a private network infrastructure, enabling complete end-to-end secure connections for DDoS protection, virtual firewall and other security solutions. Through DOSarrest’s community port on Infiny, users can access a suite of Cloud-based security services and protect their businesses from cyber-attacks.

DOSarrest’s Cloud-centric model matches our vision for simple and powerful connectivity solutions. Together, we’re solving a fundamental challenge for global businesses by enabling access to DDoS protection and other security services all in real-time. Infiny by Epsilon enables Cloud-based businesses to connect and optimise their applications and services across the globe and on-demand. We’re using Software-Defined Networking to continually add value to our partners and allow them to capture long-term sustainable revenue in the Cloud era.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO

Infiny by Epsilon enables its users to rapidly provision a suite of on-demand connectivity services via a web-based portal, APIs and iOS or Android mobile apps. By leveraging Infiny, Epsilon’s partners can use a single platform to procure and manage Data Connectivity, Direct Cloud Access, SIP Trunking, SD-WAN and Last Mile services on-demand. The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform delivers networking that’s built for the Cloud.

Speed of response is critical in network security and on-demand connectivity gives us new agility when optimising and delivering our solutions. Our customers and Infiny users can access security solutions 24/7 and protect their websites, mobile applications servers and a whole range of digital properties on-demand. We’re delivering security solutions that are both highly flexible and accessible.

Mark TeolisCEO at DOSarrest

DOSarrest Internet Security Limited provides Cloud-based protection solutions including DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, DOSarrest External Monitoring Service, Geo Load Balancing services and a Cyber Attack Preparation Platform. DOSarrest is currently connected to Epsilon’s network through the New York Metro and will become progressively available in other sites including Los Angeles, London and Singapore.

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