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The acquisition supports the continued development of the Infiny platform and its software-led approach to network orchestration, automation and customer experience

Singapore, 20 October 2020 – Epsilon, a global connectivity service provider, has acquired 7D Digital, a UK-based software development company, to grow its information systems team and bring new skills in-house. The acquisition supports Epsilon’s Infiny First strategy, which positions Infiny as the central customer engagement platform for procuring and managing network services offered by the company.

Epsilon and 7D Digital have been working together on the development of Infiny since 2015, with owner Russell Galpin and his team playing an integral role in the continual growth of the platform. As part of Epsilon, the 7D Team can commit fully to the development of Infiny and support the company’s vision for software-centric service delivery and customer engagement.

It is time for us to dedicate more resources into the development of Infiny, and to grow our software capabilities and enhance our DevOps. Our information systems, service and operations teams are now working closer than ever in orchestrating Epsilon’s services on Infiny. The 7D Team will complement the existing teams across our offices in Singapore, London and Sofia. 2020 is a year of big changes. We have invested a significant amount of time and effort towards building Infiny and will continue to add new skills and talents onboard to take it to the next level.

Michel RobertChief Executive Officer, Epsilon
Founded in 2015, 7D Digital has developed and designed software platforms, mobile apps and applications for networking and communications, pharmaceuticals, travel, social media and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It will be integrated into Epsilon’s information systems team based in London and work with Epsilon’s service and operations hubs in Singapore and Sofia.

The 7D team are excited to join Epsilon and fully dedicate ourselves to the growth and development of Infiny. Over the years, we have played a key role in supporting the platform and this is an opportunity to accelerate the software development capabilities within Epsilon. For 7D, this is a huge leap for our business, and we look forward to joining one of the most dynamic and innovative service providers in global networking.

Russell GalpinOwner of 7D Digital
Infiny is an award-winning on-demand connectivity platform that enables users to provision and manage data centre interconnection, direct cloud connectivity, remote peering at internet exchanges, as well as other global network services.
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