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The next 10 years in international telecoms will be about bringing eCommerce, inventory intelligence and Big Data to carrier business

Epsilon Telecommunications, the world’s largest global telecoms network exchange, is celebrating 10 years of delivering local and international network services to operators around the world. Launched in London in 2003, Epsilon has grown from beginnings as a European start-up to a global business connecting 450+ network operators.

Throughout its first decade in business, it has stuck to its goal of delivering cost-effective, efficient and flexible network services and believes its next decade will be about bringing eCommerce, inventory intelligence and Big Data into the buying of network services.

eCommerce is not just for consumers, with the right depth of inventory intelligence the carrier community can buy and turn-up telecoms services online. A point-to-point network connection from Frankfurt to Singapore can require 50 emails with spreadsheets and pricing going back and forth. That is not fast or efficient enough to serve future demand. Within the next 12-18 months we will launch a service that shows real-time network inventory that can be purchased online like you’d purchase an airplane ticket.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon Telecommunications

Epsilon’s vision for its eCommerce platform for network operators includes network planning based on real-time updates of available inventory as well as monitoring of traffic data and customer requests to inform new agreements and network upgrades.

We started as an entrepreneurial business and we have never stopped evolving. 10 years on, we aren’t the new kids on the block anymore but we are still creating new ideas and new ways of doing business. That is what defines who we are and where we are going.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon Telecommunications

10 Years of Epsilon By the Numbers

Number of Employees:

2003: 3
2013: 120+

Number of Customers:

2003: 15
2013: 500+

Number of Countries Present:

2003: 5
2013: 170+

First Service Delivered in 2003: 4 x E1 from Telehouse East to Madrid

Services Delivered in 2013: Local Access, Global Network, Managed Presence, Colocation and Bandwidth Trading Services

Services Delivered Over the Next Decade: Fully automated eCommerce platform for network operators allowing them to price, procure and execute network services online

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